Congratulations to Top 100 Aerospace and Aviation Professionals to Follow on LinkedIn 2021

Top 100 Aerospace and Aviation Professionals to Follow on LinkedIn 2021

1. Adva Amir Co-Founder & CEO at Direct | TEDx Speaker | Pilot

2. Vincent Mauchamp Manager Sales Development, Marketing & Customer Relations at United Airlines

3. Grazia Vittadini Chief Technology Officer Designate at Rolls-Royce

4. Fred North Film motion picture helicopter pilot flying worldwide

5. Erika Arsmtrong 433,147 Aviation Enthusiast Followers | Airline and Business Aviation Captain | A Chick in the Cockpit | Author | Pilot Trainer | Keynote Speaker | Networking = Sales!

6. Yumna Majeed Medical Lab Technologist | Space Educator | Aspiring Astronaut

7. Nyika Allen Assistant Director of Aviation, Port of Oakland

8. Sebastian Asprella CEO and Co-founder of ThinkOrbital 🛰 MIT trained. Mindfulness and Compassion Practitioner. Dad. 🌱

9. Priyanka D. Rajkakati  Co-Founder & GNC Engineer at The Exploration Company

10. Dr. Ovilia Fernandes Golden Visađź’ĄUAE National Awardeeđź’ĄFIFA World Cup đź’ĄExpo2020 Dubaiđź’ĄOzzone Group LLC đź’ĄDir-Inflight servicesđź’ĄGoodwill Ambassadorđź’ĄPilot đź’ĄForbesđź’ĄUNđź’Ą

11. Christina Korp Astronaut Wrangler | Space Connector | Strategic Partnerships | Marketing Executive | Executive Producer | Content Creator | Social Media Expert

12. Amanda Kandawire Pilot (ICAO ATPL) | Digital Illustrator | Founder of Fly Like a Girl | Layover Art

13. Margarita Deveikyte Head of Sales. Engine, Airframe and Materials Services at FL TECHNICS, Aircraft Maintenance and Repair Organisation

14. SARAH QURESHI CEO Aero Engine Craft Visiting Academic Cranfield University PhD Aerospace Propulsion MS Aerospace Dynamics Private Pilot

15. Jim Cantrell CEO and Co-Founder at Phantom Space

16. Bharti Singh Assistant professor- Faculty in charge Transportation at UPES || Aviation Consultant || PhD || IATA-Trainer

17. Gloria Bouillon Top 40 under 40 | Airport Director | Commercial Pilot | International Speaker | Top Women in Aviation & Aerospace Award | Board Director | Innovator | French/American Citizenship

18. Shreya Santra Assistant Professor at the Space Robotics Laboratory, Tohoku University

19. Sam Eckholm YouTube & Social Media Creator | Air Force Officer, United States Air Force

20. Rikhi (Rukmini) Roy FAA Graduate Researcher | Aviation Week & AIAA 20 Twenties | Brooke Owens Fellow | Founder of Singapore’s first ‘Women Leaders in Aerospace Conference’, Aerospace Systems Design Laboratory (ASDL)

21. Vilma Vaitiekunaite Chief Communications Officer at Avia Solutions Group, Avia Solutions Group

22. Shawna Pandya, MD Director of Medical Research at Orbital Assembly Corporation, Luxsonic Technologies Inc

23. Bianca Cefalo CEO & Co-founder, Space DOTS Ltd | Director, International Business Development, Carbice | Space Scientist & Engineer | Public Speaker, Carbice Corporation

24. Enrico Stoll Full Professor | Chair of Space Technology, Technische Universität Berlin

25. Vishal Hiremath Founder and CEO , JetClub

26. Agne Mileikaite CMO at Avia Solutions Group, Avia Solutions Group

27. Chloé Carrière Management of Technologies MS | Sustainable Space Entrepreneur, École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne

28. Jeanette (Neri) Quinlan Senior Program Manager, NASA & Civil Space at SpaceLink | Advocate for Women in Aerospace | Space Professional | Speaker

29. Sahit Reddy Madara SpaceTech Consulting

30. Rohit Goyal Product @ Joby | ex-Uber | Investor | Venture Capital @ NZVC | Faculty @ FIT

31. Agnieszka Elwertowska My ambitions are crossing the Karman Line ????

32. Agne Totilaite Sales Executive in Base Maintenance Department at FL Technics, Aircraft Maintenance and Repair Organisation

33. Karin Nilsdotter Astropreneur, Future Astronaut, Board professional, Tech Woman of the Year, Speaker, Women & Girls in Space & Tech

34. Eric Ingram CEO at SCOUT Inc. – Techstars ’21, SCOUT Inc.

35. Julius Norkunas New Tech Business Manager at Avia Solutions Group | Mobility Expert | Corporate Innovation | Aviation | Startup Partnership

36. Timo Mustonen CFO Aurora Propulsion Technologies

37. Baratunde Cola Motivator | Scientist | CEO

38. Arnold Morales President and Executive Director

39. Joshua Chou Senior Lecturer/ Group Leader | CEO

40. Michaela Musilova, PhD Director of HI-SEAS missions at the International MoonBase Alliance

41. Moriba Jah Astrodynamicist | Space Environmentalist | TED Fellow | Global Space Evangelist | Professor | Spacecraft Navigator

42. Alessandra Testa Chief Commercial Officer and Head of Sales at JetClub

43. Nandita Bhatt Airport Director Udaipur ,General Manager Arch. at Airports Authority of India ,WICCI National Aviation Council Member 

44. Fiona McKay Credentialed Executive Coach, Speaker, Trainer| Chief Badass Officer | Courageous Leadership Expert | Lightening Rod | A&D Leader

45. Courtland Savage CEO MX Ledger

46. Mariam Naseem Consultant | Tech Strategist | Business Development | Engineer | Space Advocate.

47. Giorgio Lorini SSP21 – ISU | Pharmaceutical Chemistry | Student RepresentativeP

48. Aastha Kacha Architectural Designer | Space Architect | TEDx Speaker | Philanthropist | Athlete

49. Mariya Tarabanovska MEng Aerospace Engineer / UAM advisor

50. Kanchana Gamage Founder | Director | Pilot | STEM Engagement Lead | Former Headteacher

51. Manuel Ntumba Regional Partnership Manager @UN SGAC-United Nations Programme on Space Applications | Geospatial Expert | Inventor | Strategist | SDGs 2030 | Agenda 2063

52. Christelle Astorg-Lepine BLAST Program Director at Starburst Aerospace

53. Jason Michaud Chief Executive Officer

54. Janine K. Iannarelli Founder & President | Par Avion Ltd.

55. Sunny Kabrawala Assistant Founder and Director Space Technology & Aeronautical Rocketry

56. Ben Griffiths Communications Director specialising in Aviation, Aerospace and Defence. Pilot | Journalist | Adviser

57. Chille (AJ) Bergstorm Aerospace Engineer

58. Charlotte Pouwels Test Engineer Airbus Defence and Space, Physicist, Analogue Astronaut and mission organizer EuroMoonMars.

59. Paolo Ferri Space Operations Expert. Former Head of ESA Mission Operations

60. Nikki Malcom Aerospace Connector| Sales Coach | Board Chair – PNAA Mobile (206) 250-4902

61. Hania Mohiuddin Aerospace Systems Engineer | Chairwoman

62. Jill Meyers Aviation & Aerospace Management Consultant, STEM Advocate & Mentor, Inspirational Speaker, and the Assistant & Constituent Services Director for New Mexico House Representative Day Hochman-Vigil.

63. Dr. Mindy Howard Future Astronaut /Astronaut Trainer and TEDx & Keynote Speaker

64. Marilyn Smith Director GT Vertical Lift Research Center of Excellence and Professor, Daniel Guggenheim School of Aerospace Engineering

65. Antonio Stark International Business Developer & Space Policy Analyst

66. Andrew Crowe  Leader of the New American Manufacturing Renaissance | “Reed Richards Meets Nipsey Hussle”| Diversity In Manufacturing

67. Michael Hill Drone Technology Expert ♦ Certified Search and Rescue Drone Pilot ♦ Aviation Consultant ♦ Keynote Speaker ♦ Public Safety UAS Compliance & Regulatory SME ♦ UAS Test Pilot ♦ NIST Certified UAS Proctor ♦, Civil Air Patrol

68. Francesco Ventre Space Engineer | CEO, Walle Mobility

69. Anca Gosling Aviation Training Professional, Aeroclass

70. Dr. Biance Capra Senior Lecturer | Aerospace Engineer | Superstar of STEM | STEM Outreach | Gender Equity in Engineering | @DrBiancaCapra | @aerobianca

71. Andrew Lee Talent Management Leader | Tedx Speaker, Collins Aerospace

72. Ruvimbo Samanga Space Law & Policy Analyst | Research Fellow at Open Lunar Foundation | Ban Ki-Moon Global Citizen Scholar | Top 10 Under 30 African Space Industry | Top Talents Under 25 in the World

73. Gitika Gorthi Founder and CEO of IgnitedThinkers | 2021-2022 Girl Scout Nation’s Capital Teen Board of Director

74. J. Brant Arseneau Space and Fintech | Capital Markets | Investor | Advisor | Ambassador | Engineer

75. Lukasz Wilczynski  Space Evangelist▫️PR&Communication advisor▫️TEDx Speaker▫️Founder of the European Rover Challenge▫️Space Talks podcast host, Planet Partners

76. Claude Vuichard President of the Vuichard Recovery Aviation Safety Foundation, Safety Award Winner 2018 Helicopter Association International, Keynote Speaker, Airspeed GmbH

77. JJ Snow Chief Technology Officer at United States Air Force/AFWERX

78. Yulia Akisheva An unstressed stress engineer with a mindset for deep space exploration and international collaboration. PURPLE PhD candidate, Space Generation Advisory Council

79. Torsten Kriening Publisher, SpaceWatch.Global

80. Wannes Elias Cargo Charter Manager Benelux at Chapman Freeborn Airchartering, Chapman Freeborn Airchartering

81. Stacey Rudser  Director at Association for Women in Aviaton Maintenance (AWAM)

82. Dr. Benjamin Pothier Ph.D . Fellow International, the Explorers Club / Mission Commander and analog Astronaut , Lunares / Human Factors Expert, International Astronautical Federation

83. Ray Stott Space Industry Consulting, Training & Recruitment worldwide. SpaceMates Online – weekly global event: space news, guest interviews, Q&A and networking, SpaceSpecialists Ltd.

84. Anthony Yuen  Asst Prof of Clinical Emergency Medicine at Weill Cornell Medicine | Co-Chair at Space Generation Advisory Council

85. Anne Nderitu  Co-Founder and COO at Swift Lab Limited

86. Isil (Isil Sakraker, PhD) Sakraker Ozmen, PhD Project Manager at German Aerospace Center (DLR)

87.Kirsten Bartok Touw  Investor & Executive in Aerospace, Defense and Space

88. Graham Lau  Astrobiologist / Communicator of Science / Sci-fi Geek / Orator / “The Cosmobiologist”

89. Teddy Zidza Final Year Aeronautical Engineering Student, Communities @work

90. Shelli Brunswick Visionary Thought Leader | Innovative & Entrepreneurial | Strategic C-Level | Agile | Chair | PMP | P&L | Biz Dev | Policy | Speaker & Author | Space Pro | Space4Women | Mentor & Coach |

91. Karin BrĂĽnnemann, PMP Project Manager | Trainer & Coach | Mars Pioneer Slovakia Contact info Borospace

92. Rami Ibrahim Founder at Orbofleet Space Company

93. Marnie (Irwin) Munns BSc MSc FRAeS Airline Captain

94. Michaelyn Thomas Head of Affordability and Executive Sponsor of Teammates for Women Empowerment at Virgin Orbit

95. Paulie Rose Partnering with engineers to design lightweight, fire-proof solutions for high-temp applications in challenging environments l Marketing for Manufacturers

96. Babacar N. SECK Aviation & Aerospace | Decentralized Finance

97. Kenneth Dsouza  AME Training Manager at Vision Concept Aviation Training Institute

98. Hady Milani Space Advocate | Forbes 30 under30 | Suborbital Scientist Astronaut Candidate | Space Artist Moon Gallery

99. Elliot Mintzer C

100. Bernardo Nunes Head of Data Analytics ¦ Chapman Freeborn Airchartering, Chapman Freeborn Airchartering


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Top Six Aerospace and Aviation Professionals with 100K+ Followers

In our quest for Top 100, we found six professionals with 100K+ followers. Top two of which are included in our list.

Number of Followers: 433,147

Top 1. Erika Armstrong

Number of Followers: 381,668

Top 2. Dr. Ovilia Fernandes

Number of Followers: 347,294

Top 3. Mary Kirby

Number of Followers: 214,086

Top 4. Capt. Sully Sullenberger

Number of Followers: 163,634

Top. 5 Bertrand Piccard

Number of Followers: 109,131

Top 6. Tien Nguyen

Top Collaborators

We didn’t get to where we are today alone. Along the way we had help from some of the most incredible, brilliant, and passionate people in the world. Although 2021 and COVID isolated us, in many ways it brought us closer together and for that we’re thankful. Special shoutouts and mucho aloha to Fiona McKay of Leading Ladies Of… and Mark Schulz, founder of #DigitalAircraft. Both have been a tremendous help in supporting our mission by featuring us on their podcast and live stream as well as our coaching conversations. Not to mention they’re amazing people.

Number of Followers: 15,974

Top 44. Fiona KcKay

Leading Ladies Of…

Number of Followers: 20,976

Top 33. Mark Schulz


Thank you once again to everyone for your hard work and dedication to the industry. Onwards and upwards!

Matt Higa

Founder, Pineapple EMPIRE

Pineapple EMPIRE’s mission is to accelerate the world to the New Space Economy.

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