Most Successful Aerospace & Aviation Posts from TOP Men in LinkedIn 2022

Arnold’s Favorite & Successful Post

Reactions: 7,725

Comments: 190

Shares: 118

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Danilo’s Successful Post

Reactions: 5,950

Comments: 181

Shares: 26

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This is my most succesful post because it achieve half-a-million people in LinkedIn, 6.000 likes, and several comments based on my personal story from a humble boy that dreamed to be someone in the future, went to a prestigious TV show in Brazil in Christmas time, and received a PC as a prize. This PC helped me during my early ages to study math and science and finally be accepted a few years later in the most pretigious engineering school in Brazil..

Alex’s Successful Post

Reactions: 4,207

Comments: 814

Shares: 19

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❝This came at the end of a number of years of being a brand ambassador for South African Airways. I was sharing the good news and insights into life as an airline pilot. When I lost my job, it resonated with my supporters.❞

Arpad’s Successful Post

Reactions: 2,088

Comments: 315

Shares: 186

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❝The post resonated a lot with people who work in the aviation industry. It went straight to the heart of the issues in  the sector today. Great engagement.❞

Cran’s Successful Post

Reactions: 1,347

Comments: 49

Shares: 4

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❝LinkedIn followers love stories they can relate to, stories that evoke genuine emotion. This post does just that. My passion for the promotion aviation/aerospace and education is what this post speaks of. There are also beautiful words of support from connections on LinkedIn supporting me through the challenges that I’ve personally faced. Those same words give me the encouragement that what I’m doing now, really is making a difference. I feel that the support and encouragement also inspires others who are not bold enough to post their challenges on a public forum. When they see the support, empathy and encouragement from other people then it allows them to speak out or push on eventually leading to their own personal success.❞

Patrick’s Successful Post

Reactions: 1,313

Comments: 211

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Dean’s Favorite Post

Reactions: 930

Comments: 50

Shares: 16

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It was a quick opportunity to shoot a picture of a 737 Tube on the Rail. It turned into Planes, Trains and Automobiles.

Sahil’s Successful Post

Reactions: 878

Comments: 1

Shares: 8

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❝Its about how Elon Musk made starlink available within 5 hr of request. Its show that your products must be for the benefits of humanity.❞

Olivier’s Successful Post

Reactions: 822

Comments: 115

Shares: 14

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Announcing publication of my new book on Technology Roadmapping, including a case study on the Deep Space Network (DSN)

Alex’s Successful Post

Reactions: 679

Comments: 53

Shares: 66

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❝This is my most successful post. It was not about aerospace, but more about leadership which is what I admired and loved about the show. There are multiple Aerospace based posts that did very well, ie 25K views, etc. But this one about Ted Lasso did exceptionally well.❞

Paul’s Most Successful Post

Reactions: 624

Comments: 92

Shares: 47

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👏👏👏 Onshoring, Reshoring, Nearshoring. Whatever you call it, it’s accelerating! 🎉🎉.

Torsten’s Successful Post

Reactions: 595

Comments: 41

Shares: 34

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When my friend Moriba Jah announced his start at Privateer a year back, this post got over 56k views, I think that was one of the most successful one when we just count numbers – otherwise, EVERY post is a success!

Sameer’s Successful Post

Reactions: 574

Comments: 179

Shares: 2

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❝Received nearly 40,000 views. I believe it was successful because my network was genuinely pleased that I had found a role that was ideally suited to me at this stage of my career. Simple.❞

Jonathan’s Successful Post

Reactions: 563

Comments: 18

Shares: 6

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Steven’s Successful Post

Reactions: 525

Comments: 17

Shares: 14

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❝This shows that we work in a multiport space port. It is highly active and a really cool opportunity to take with both the SLS Rocket and Falcon 9 on their respective pads.❞

Paul’s Successful Post

Reactions: 506

Comments: 2

Shares: 20

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This post is one of the most successful posts in the last two months, others have reached over 100,000 posts when they feature people and amazing stories. This one seems to have been made more successful because of the innovation and technology which is why I featured it as the most successful.

Sam’s Favorite Post

Reactions: 499

Comments: 57

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❝My most successful post was an announcement of joining the UK Space Agency as a Launch Systems Engineer back in March 2021. The post gained 26,769 impressions, 57 comments and 500 likes. I think this got a lot of success due to being very young when joining the UK Space Agency within the Office of the Chief Engineer, and the projects that I was going to be involved in.❞

Andrew’s Successful Post

Reactions: 481

Comments: 12

Shares: 5

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❝I was fortunate enough to be present at the press event in my HQ for an important scientific result – the first-ever image of the black hole at the centre of our own galaxy! Ultimately this post was successful because it captures the inspirational nature of astronomy and space exploration. 23.6k impressions❞

JeRayle’s Favorite & Successful Post

Reactions: 453

Comments: 42

Shares: 4

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❝Was an opportunity to partner with Dallas Mavericks❞

Leszek’s Favorite Post

Reactions: 423

Comments: 23

Shares: 14

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❝Well…what is there not to like? It’s an appreciation post for one of our winning Mars colony concepts that was published in a book form by The Mars Society and sits on Elon Musk’s bookshelf (presumably;) )❞

Vytis’ Successful Post

Reactions: 390

Comments: 4

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❝It was a post about my attendance as a speaker at one of the biggest conferences in Lithuania. Not sure why it attracted most of impressions.❞

Sebastian’s Successful Post

Reactions: 387

Comments: 50

Shares: 23

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❝It shows our early technology roadmap, and believe people loved the vision!❞

Robin’s Successful Post

Reactions: 382

Comments: 26

Shares: 2

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❝Posted a few images of our chalet ahead of the Farnborough Airshow – the images just show my infectious excitement for the sector.

Arpit’s Favorite Post

Reactions: 369

Comments: 10

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❝This is a post after I briefed an Indian Parliamentarian, Dr. Shashi Tharoor on various policy agendas and came out with a great conversation with him and his team.❞

Jim’s Favorite Post

Reactions: 368

Comments: 26

Shares: 15

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Darrel’s Successful Post

Reactions: 353

Comments: 3

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❝This ones comes to mind, but there are so many others. This just show how innovative Embraer has become, which is very important to me.❞

Nikolas’ Successful Post

Reactions: 347

Comments: 52

Shares: 4

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❝My most successful post was my internship announcement when I accepted an internship with Blue Origin. This was a very special moment and proved to me that my perseverance and drive was taking me to big places.❞

Philippe’s Successful Post

Reactions: 329

Comments: 58

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❝Many but the most view is this one.❞

Michael’s Successful Post

Reactions: 317

Comments: 29

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❝Since joining Vertical 3 years ago, we have been on an incredible journey, growing from a 42 person start-up with the wrong product and business strategy to a global leader, listed on the NYSE, supported by the top suppliers in aviation with over $5bn in aircraft orders from some of the most demanding customers worldwide. This $200m investment from Mudrick was absolutely critical to our success and a ringing endorsement of everything that we have already achieved.❞

Jeff’s Successful Post

Reactions: 304

Comments: 39

Shares: 1

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Swarnajyoti’s Successful Post

Reactions: 301

Comments: 56

Shares: 1

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❝This post was regarding my graduation (MSc) and achievements (within 2 and half years time span)❞

Kevin’s Successful Post

Reactions: 291

Comments: 64

Shares: 13

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❝My main passion and opportunity is communicated clearly in this post. I was able to connect with many people that I had not talked with before.❞

Remco’s Successful Post

Reactions: 287

Comments: 20

Shares: 1

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❝I started doing short quick semi-live summary and explainer videos of events I attend or interesting stories about places or experiences.  This has really increased the engagement with my posts, and great feedback from my audience.❞

Neil’s Favorite & Successful Post

Reactions: 277

Comments: 57

Shares: 4

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Daniel’s Successful Post

Reactions: 271

Comments: 29

Shares: 6

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❝it has 18K views. I guess it hit some key elements. I wouldn’t know exactly why it is the most successful.

Timo’s Successful Post

Reactions: 250

Comments: 38

Shares: 5

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❝I strongly believe in power of collaboration and building of ecosystem cross borders. This posting with over 250 likes and almost 17 000 impressions proofs that.❞

Iain’s Successful Post

Reactions: 248

Comments: 15

Shares: 2

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❝more personal than professional, post covid full flight indicating the good times are coming back!❞

Roberto’s Successful Post

Reactions: 220

Comments: 9

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❝It is a post that came at the right time, about how to take advantages of crisis and turn them into opportunities.❞

Adam’s Successful Post

Reactions: 219

Comments: 18

Shares: 7

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❝Reporting the winning teams of NASA’s Human Lander System (HLS) for the Artemis program. ❞

Anthony’s Successful Post

Reactions: 210

Comments: 28

Check out Anthony’s post here

This post celebrated my recognition as a IAF Young Space Leader in 2022. I was really grateful for the recognition especially for someone who is not from a “traditional” space background.

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