Ronald Haycock

Ronald Haycock

Management Account with Pratt & Lefevre

I specialize in business structures to maximize protection and minimize tax liability.

I have been in practice since 1985. I have organized over 500 business structures of all types. I have also taught classes titled “Business Organization” sub title “Own Nothing, Control Everything” and written a book which is used by the students. We believe that it’s not owning an asset which makes one money, it’s controlling an asset which makes money. Whatever you own can be taken. Additionally I currently serve as an independent CFO for 37 companies. I have helped many companies of all sizes, and their owners, save thousands of dollars in taxes. 

Organize small businesses, including C Corporations, S Corporations (limited), LLC’s, Sole Props, Irrevocable and Living Family Trusts, Non-profit Corporations. Have personally organized 500+ different companies since 1985. I teach a class titled “Business Organization or Own Nothing, Control Everything”. Organize accounting procedures for start up and small businesses. Establish asset protection through the legal and proper use of a small business organization.

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