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– Do you own commercial or multi-family property?

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For nearly 20 years, myself and extended team have consulted with thousands of small to medium sized companies nationwide. We are a highly experienced business consulting team who partners with our business clients to understand and learn about their business needs, understand the profile of the business, financial challenges, and then we collaborate with the business to tailor our services based on business their needs. Our end goal is to explore all avenues to improve cashflow and overall business profitability delivered on a no risk guaranteed ROI service model. We help educate our clients and identify potential to qualify for highly specialized engineering based tax incentives (typically not what CPA / tax professional offers), expense reduction, and overall financial improvement as well as aiding in business succession planning. Our strategies, services, and technology are highly refined, optimized, and developed specifically for businesses, resulting in over $4B in benefits.

Services Summary:
– Engineering Based Specialized Tax Incentives

– Expense Remediation

o Stryde Retirement / Exit Program (SRP) – Proprietary – See below for benefits
o Telemedicine / Pharmacy Benefit Mgmt.
o Strategic Alliance Opportunities


➢ Nearly 20 years designing & delivering proprietary retirement/exit program benefiting exclusively business owners.

We’d love to learn more about you and how we can partner to help your business. For a no risk consultation, please call 303-604-0925 or contact us via www.cashflow-grow.com. 

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