Ten Most Liked LinkedIn Posts of Women in Aerospace & Aviation

Top 1 Most Liked Post

Reactions: 72,988

Check out Adva’s post here

It’s amazing how one little post reached over 3 million and inspired so many women and man to follow their dream. 

Top 2 Most Liked Post

Reactions: 11,361

Check out Ovilia’s post here

I consider it as one amongst my successful post as it speaks about gender equality and respect as every woman has to respect her man even though he may fail to be expressive about the efforts which he has invested for upbringing of his family

Top 3 Most Liked Post

Reactions: 8,555

Check out Jill’s post here

My most successful post was about a young woman I’ve been mentoring for several years named Serena Hart. I helped her get into the Navy and into a flight training spot, and after two years of intense training, she soloed in a jet for the first time around five months ago. The number of views as of today is 384,867.

Top 4 Most Liked Post

Reactions: 6,150

Check out Thi Hien’s post here

How do we work together as a whole?
Despite of our differences we can work together as a whole through greater purpose and conscious evolution.


Top 5 Most Liked Post

Reactions: 4,789

Check out Amy’s post here

This post is my most successful because it highlights why the work of the Women in Aviation Advisory Board is so important. It’s very unlikely this headline would be shared if a male had been named CEO. We have to be brave and highlight these moments, otherwise people won’t understand that there is an issue. it’s about awareness. I was respectful and just brought awareness to the fact taht words matter. 

Top 6 Most Liked Post

Reactions: 2,880

Check out Rania’s post here

My first introduction to analog missions and my preparation to start my astronaut carreer!

Top 7 Most Liked Post

Reactions: 2,493

Check out Sarah’s post here

This post announced my distinguished aerospace alumni award and categorized me as a trailblazer for women in STEM and an inspiration for women leaders in Aerospace around the globe.

Top 8 Most Liked Post

Reactions: 1,804

Check out Erika’s post here

This is a recent successful post (104,593 impressions) which I didn’t expect. Even though I applied the lesson to aviation, it resonates with everyone…

Top 9 Most Liked Post

Reactions: 1,576

Check out Ashwini’s post here

Recently I shared post of Architecture+Design magazine that featured my interview as Aviation Architect and my greenfield project Noida International Airport in India.
This post is my favourite as it recognises me as a woman in the role of Design and Planning Head for this prestigious project and also because it brings spotlight on Aviation Architecture which is highly specialised field with immense opportunities and needs to attract talent to support the booming aviation market in India.

Top 10 Most Liked Post

Reactions: 1,428

Check out Bharti’s post here

Certified IATA Trainer: The day when I decided to be part of Aviation learning and development. I thoroughly enjoyed the process of learning and exchange of idea with Aviation experts across the country. I am happy to be part of IATA training.

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