TOP 10 Aerospace & Aviation Professionals Most Liked Posts 2022

Top 1 Most Liked Post

Reactions: 72,988

Impressions: 3,155,000

Check out Adva’s post here

It’s amazing how one little post reached over 3 million and inspired so many women and man to follow their dream. LinkedIn says it was in their top 1% of posts at the time.

TOP 2 Most Liked Post

Reactions: 26,096

Check out Erika’s post here

❝Most successful because one warbird photo is worth a million stories. This one post had 1,734,193 Impressions. 29,100 reactions.

I had 24,676,618 Impressions in the last 365 days, but any post that gets someone to respond is a success!❞

Top 3 Most Liked Post

Reactions: 8,555

Check out Jill’s post here

My most successful post was about a young woman I’ve been mentoring for several years named Serena Hart. I helped her get into the Navy and into a flight training spot, and after two years of intense training, she soloed in a jet for the first time around five months ago. The number of views as of today is 384,867.

TOP 4 Most Liked Post

Reactions: 7,725

Check out Arnold’s post here

Top 5 Most Liked Post

Reactions: 6,150

Impressions: 319,000

Check out Thi Hien’s post here

❞How do we work together as a whole

Despite of our differences we can work together as a whole through greater purpose and conscious evolution.❞


TOP 6 Most Liked Post

Reactions: 5,950

Check out Danilo’s post here

This is my most succesful post because it achieve half-a-million people in LinkedIn, 6.000 likes, and several comments based on my personal story from a humble boy that dreamed to be someone in the future, went to a prestigious TV show in Brazil in Christmas time, and received a PC as a prize. This PC helped me during my early ages to study math and science and finally be accepted a few years later in the most pretigious engineering school in Brazil..

Top 7 Most Liked Post

Reactions: 4,789

Check out Amy’s post here

This post is my most successful because it highlights why the work of the Women in Aviation Advisory Board is so important. It’s very unlikely this headline would be shared if a male had been named CEO. We have to be brave and highlight these moments, otherwise people won’t understand that there is an issue. it’s about awareness. I was respectful and just brought awareness to the fact taht words matter.


TOP 8 Most Liked Post

Reactions: 4,207

Check out Alex’s post here

❝This came at the end of a number of years of being a brand ambassador for South African Airways. I was sharing the good news and insights into life as an airline pilot. When I lost my job, it resonated with my supporters.❞

TOP 9 Most Liked Post

Reactions: 2,880

Check out Rania’s post here

My first introduction to analog missions and my preparation to start my astronaut carreer!

Top 10 Most Liked Post

Reactions: 2,493

Check out Sarah’s post here

This post announced my distinguished aerospace alumni award and categorized me as a trailblazer for women in STEM and an inspiration for women leaders in Aerospace around the globe.

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