Top 100 Aerospace and Aviation Professionals to Follow On LinkedIn 2021: 10. Ovilia Fernandez

10. Dr. Ovilia Fernandes

Golden Visa💥UAE National Awardee💥FIFA World Cup 💥Expo2020 Dubai💥Ozzone Group LLC 💥Dir-Inflight services💥Goodwill Ambassador💥Pilot 💥Forbes💥UN💥, Ozzone Group LLC , Dubai ❤️🇦🇪

10. Ovilia Fernandez

Golden Visa💥UAE National Awardee💥FIFA World Cup 💥Expo2020 Dubai💥Ozzone Group LLC 💥Dir-Inflight services💥Goodwill Ambassador💥Pilot 💥Forbes💥UN💥

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United Arab Emirates

What I use Linkedin for:

Professional networking and one-on-one support/networking/mentoring.

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Who am I:

I am an Aviation professional & an Entrepreneur , being in the aviation industry for 24 years in the aviation industry in Middle East countries. I am an firm believer of hardwork & loyalty. I value people who are ambitious & career oriented. My journey in the aviation industry has been remarkable & an learning process since 1997.
1) My life’s purpose is to encourage women to join the aviation industry especially to become an Pilot & Aircraft Engineer
2) What do I enjoy being in the aviation industry for 24 years I think it’s very dynamic. You meet a lot of people, see different places and every day is unique because the weather changes and you work with different people. Every month’s schedule is totally different from another.
3) Biggest challenge which I have overcome in the aviation industry I traveled extensively and worked extended hours. It was fascinating. I met lots of people and developed significantly. But after marriage & having kids ,it isn’t easy to fly extensively.. Not every industry has that kind of flexibility even after an female employee is married & has kids ..but airlines make sure that they have off ramps and on ramps if someone needs to take some time off. On a personal note, the hard thing is managing both and being fully available for clients, businesses, and my family. That’s the most challenging thing to manage. I feel very lucky and happy to do both.
4) My message for women in the aviation currently: Something to bear in mind is looking further ahead. Aviation is very resilient, and the underlying demand for aviation will remain. The appetite for flying, the value of connectivity, is proven and continues to grow. Coronavirus is a massive shock to the industry. I can’t underestimate how hard the next period is going to be. But, anyone, men and women, can be sure that the industry will pick back up. The industry will evolve, innovate, and present opportunities to connect tourists, families, businesses. It will bounce back, that’s a positive. The pandemic will also accelerate some trends like more flexible working, greater acceptance of nontraditional working styles, which should be positive for women. I would say that all women already in the aviation industry wouldn’t see this pandemic as a reason to exit. It will bounce back, and the trends in terms of improving diversity will continue.
5) My message for Women aspiring for an career in the aviation industry I started my airline career as an Aircraft Appearance Supervisor in india working for 12 hours night shift and then reporting to college in the morning for an monthly salary of 1800 INR (24 US dollars) in 1997 & then relocated back to Qatar in 1999 and since then I have been here in Qatar and Dubai since 2006 If there are no aviation jobs, many of the skills relevant to aviation, particularly in management or commercial areas, can be developed in other sectors. So, if you have a passion for aviation and you have a draw to the industry knowing the rebound will come, there are things that you can do that will be very attractive for the aviation industry. I wouldn’t write it off, aviation is a fascinating industry that offers many careers. If we look long term in 10 years, we will look back and see an unprecedented dip, but it will bounce back. Over the span of an entire career, this will be just a blink.
6) One inspirational message which you would like to share to all women in the aviation industry? The only other thing that is worth stating is that before I got into aviation, I was a researcher and worked in different sectors. I had the chance to interact with people in other industries. One of the things that struck me about the aviation industry when I went to airline events is how passionate and friendly those in the industry are. It is a global industry, but it is a small world. Most people that work in aviation never leave. They might move from airline to airport or supplier, but generally, people here love the industry. Aviation is a very satisfying industry. There is support even between fierce competitors. As a result, people share this passion for the industry. People are very supportive. As a minority, I’ve never experienced any negative interactions because of my gender. I sometimes feel weird being the only woman, but men have been welcoming, supportive. Even though it is very competitive, the character of the industry is positive, encouraging, and rewarding
7) If you could go back and tell your younger version of yourself one thing, what would it be? Never take no for an answer. The moment that you do is the moment you stop pursuing greatness
8) You must have encountered many stereotypes working in a male-dominated industry – what was the prevailing one? How did you deal with such views? Of course, stereotypes in male professions are present, but I look at it without prejudice. I am sure that there is no significant difference between men and women and I do not accept division of male and female works and professions. Men consider themselves leaders in aviation and do not believe in gender equality in this industry, which is why women will have to fight for their place in aviation. But if you, as a woman, with your mental strength can prove that you are successful and equal, male pilots, like true gentlemen, will recognize and appreciate you. I never had any problems in this regard ‒ we are partners, friends, and true professionals.
9) How did you manage to juggle your career in the military with your family life? Family support is very important for women to achieve professional success, because without understanding, love and tolerance there is no success. It is especially important that your spouse understands and takes a share of family responsibilities, so that you can properly handle different aspects of life. Without it, professional success becomes uncertain and difficult to achieve.

What I do:

Entrepreneur & Senior Aviation professional in UAE

Why you should follow me on Linkedin:

I inspire & motivate women to start their career in the aviation industry.

Who I follow on Linkedin:

Richard Branson, He is an inspiration in the aviation industry

My favourite or most successful post:

I believe in the spirit of freedom of being independent woman and not being pressurised by people for choosing her own plans & future!

“I believe in the spirit of freedom of being an independent woman and not being pressurized by people for choosing her own plans & future!”

Ovilia Fernandez

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