Top 100 Aerospace and Aviation Professionals to Follow on LinkedIn 2021: 14. Sarah Qureshi

14. Sarah Qureshi

CEO Aero Engine Craft Visiting Academic Cranfield University PhD Aerospace Propulsion MS Aerospace Dynamics Private Pilot, Aero Engine Craft (Pvt) Ltd

Sarah Qureshi

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What I use Linkedin for:

I share my own original content regarding aerospace, primarily to raise awareness on aviation-induced global warming due to non-carbon emissions. I also use it to share about my contributions to the aerospace industry both in my country and internationally

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Aerospace and Aviation


Who am I:

I have a PhD degree in Aerospace Engineering from Cranfield University, UK. My area of specialization is Aerospace Propulsion whereby I researched on the design of an environmentally safe contrail-free aero-engine that has been derived from a novel patented technology. During my initial PhD research, I assisted the inventor with patenting the contrail-free aero-engine. The invention was granted two international patents and has a tremendous potential in bringing about an environmental revolution in the context of aviation. ions.

Prior to this, I completed my MRes degree in the field of Aerospace Dynamics from Cranfield University, UK. My research involved the design of a trajectory following controller inclusive of stability augmentation, attitude control system and outer loop autopilot for unmanned aircraft (UAVs) flying in close formation for the purpose of air to air refueling. I also learnt acrobatic flying and several flight maneuvers while at Cranfield.

I currently holds a visiting academic position at Propulsion Center, SATM Cranfield University; I am involved with the ongoing research related to the future directions of my PhD work .

I have setup and co-founded Pakistan’s first commercial aerospace and engine R&D Company Aero Engine Craft Private Limited in Pakistan to develop the world’s first green contrail-free aero engine for the global aviation industry. The core technology is based on the research outcome of my PhD study at Cranfield University UK in collaboration with the inventor of the technology Mr. Masood Latif Qureshi. Aero Engine Craft is set up to convert this patented technology into a full scale commercial application ready to be used by modern civil transport aircraft for the purpose of reducing aviation induced global warming due to contrails.

I have also invented and have been granted a patent on “A supersonic Turbofan Engine”


Who I Do:

As the CEO and co-founder of Aero Engine Craft, I am developing contrail-free aero-engines for the reduction of global warming and to induce artificial rain during aircraft flight through on-board water recovery from fuel emissions; creating a vision of the future for the aviation industry whereby it can not only reduce aviation induced global warming but also adopt an approach to treat the fuel emissions as a resource. Water vapour exists in the exhaust emissions as a combustion by-product. A revolutionary technology is employed that eliminates contrails at source and recovers water from fuel exhaust emissions as a net positive product. This is a true definition of a disruptive technology; a global first attempt to create water within the aero-engine from the exhaust plume during flight, carry it aboard and release it as rainfall prior to landing. The product is a low cost alternative to aero engine redesign, and offers revenue potential to the aviation industry while solving a crucial environmental challenge. Aero Engine Craft aims to mark the beginning of the first generation contrail-free aircraft flight in the world!

My company is born global and is also involved in the development of other environment friendly innovations such as automotive engines, drone engines, executive aircraft and green airlines in order to address sustainable development goals by developing sustainable technologies based on new inventions

Why you should follow me on Linkedin:

Aviation emissions are divided into two categories carbon emission and non-carbon emissions. Carbon emissions mostly comprise of carbon dioxide and carbon dioxide is a phenomenon which is common to both the ground and the air and it has a very wide spectrum of industrial contributors so there is a fairly good understanding of carbon dioxide and its contributions as well as methods to mitigate it and to reduce carbon emissions both on ground as well as in the air. A lot of solutions have been developed for ground based industries to reduce carbon dioxide and are now being in some way transposed into the air to reduce carbon emissions. The combustion by products of any hydrocarbon fuel burn are water vapor and carbon dioxide and water vapor is therefore one of the abundant non-carbon emission. Since water vapor has a variable residence time and lower residence time as compared to the carbon dioxide, on the ground it is recycled quickly and does not contribute to global warming. However at higher altitudes this water vapor acts as a greenhouse gas and also forms contrails, and therefore has a major role in contribution to global warming. In that context we can say that the global warming contribution of water vapor is a phenomenon which is specific to the aviation industry and therefore the level of understanding on it is limited. Hence it is crucial to talk about it, which is one of the roles that I have undertaken along with the development of the technology itself. My work has been featured on several international platforms such as Gulf News, Arab News, BBC Urdu, VoA Urdu, TEDx, Cranfield Univesity, and Open University MK   


Arab News:

Karandaaz Pakistan:

1. Gulf News:

2. Arab News:

3. BBC:

4. Indus News:

5. Indus News Interview:




Significant impact on the industry as follows:

1. Solution Evaluation Expert at World Alliance for Efficient Solutions and Solar Impulse Foundation 2019 onwards

2. Aviation Instructor for STEM. teaching aviation to underprivileged children at a village community school 2018 onwards

3. Lobbying for regulations on aviation induced global warming with the UN and others

UN Secretary General:

Gulf News:

4. Creating awareness on Environmental Aviation Technologies on various local platforms (radio shows, TV shows etc.)

5. HUM News native language

6. Jet Engine Technology interview:

7. Creating Awareness on Aviation Induced Global Warming in Native Language

8. Participating in local panel discussions related to Pakistani Aviation Industry, women empowerment and women leadership


10. Fellow of Royal Aeronautical Society Pakistan Chapter

11. Senior Girl Student: National University of Science and Technology (1997-2000, Pakistan) Awards and Recognition:

1. Winner, Distinguished Aerospace Alumni Award 2020, Cranfield University

2. Finalist, British Alumni Award Pakistan 2019

3. Laurels of Honor Women Chamber of Commerce Pakistan 2020

4. Secured equity funding from Karandaaz Pakistan through a Women Entrepreneurship Challenge 2017 to set up clean technology aviation R&D Company in her home country in July 2018.

5. Winner of the Clean Tech Conference Monaco Student Competition (Mar 2016). Represented Cranfield University at the Monaco Clean Tech Conference.

Who I follow on Linkedin

I follow Industry Leaders in Aerospace such as Airbus Rolls-Royce GE Aviation Pratt & Whitney Boeing Boom Supersonic in order to keep up to date with the cutting edge R&D and Commercialization in the domain of Sustainable Aviation. Other than that I follow climate bodies such as IPCC UNFCCC SIF etc. and regulatory bodies such as ICAO EASA FAA to advocate for regulations on aviation emissions that cause environmental concerns


Sarah’s Favorite Post

Reactions: 2,503

Comments: 545

Check out Sarah’s post here

My most popular post is as above when I won the distinguished aerospace alumni award 2020 and was given the citation as below

“Sarah is a trailblazer for women in Pakistan and STEM. Working in a field where women are underrepresented at both technical and leadership levels, her achievements are an inspiration not only for Pakistani women, but for women across the globe. Sarah is awarded the 2020 Distinguished Aerospace Alumni Award for achieving significant success within the aerospace industry, while upholding the highest industry standards”. – Cranfield University 

The link above with the citation is my most favorite since it is a recognition of my hardwork and contribution to the global aviation industry

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