Top 100 Aerospace and Aviation Professionals to Follow On LinkedIn 2021: 23. Bianca Cefalo

23. ◼ Bianca Cefalo ◼

CEO & Co-founder, Space DOTS Ltd | Director, International Business Development, Carbice | Space Scientist & Engineer | Public Speaker, Carbice Corporation

23. Bianca Cefalo

23. Bianca Cefalo

Exploring Infrastructure & Entrepreneurship

Average Post Engagement:



Italy | United Kingdom

What I use Linkedin for:

Scientific and Technical Communication, Human Rights & Feminist Activism, Networking, Community Building, Professional Collaborations, Sales, Hiring, Learning & Reading Quality Content from Leaders and Friends I admire.

Number of Followers:



Space & Defence, New Space Start-ups

Who am I:

A tech nerd since I was 7yo. I’m a very sarcastic Feminist, a Rocket Scientist, a STEM Ambassador, a Space SciCommer and a New Space Entrepreneur.

Speaking the word of Space Science and Engineering, my mission is to advocate for Equality & Humankind Evolution through Conscious Space Exploration and Exponential Technological Advancement in the New Space Age..

What I do:

Across UK, EU & US I’m relentlessly dedicated to:

◾ Helping International Customers choosing the best thermal solution for their spacecraft – as Director of International Business Development at Carbice Corp.

◾ Co-producing creative Space Scicomm programmes and educational content – as Founder of Cosmica Space Consulting Ltd.

◾ Running Stealth-Mode-CEO my New Space venture ‘Space DOTS® Ltd – smartphone-sized satellites for on-demand access to space, in less than a 100g’ (Co-founded in Jan ’21, UK).

◾ Loving every bit of what I do, and the people I do it with!

Why you should follow me on Linkedin:

– If you’re intrigued by Space Technology Trends and how they blend in with Art & Poetry;

– You want to learn about the Business of Space in the New Space Economy, from the unfiltered perspective of a millennial feminist Engineer & Entrepreneur;

– You want to build or expand your support network, and make friends with geeky fun space people;

– You want to land on a Judgment & Hate-free zone. …then my profile is your cup of tea 🙂

Who I follow on Linkedin:

I follow Tech Entrepreneurs, Politicians, Artists, Scientists & Public Speakers (from Space to Fashion industries) – because I love to learn from their very unique perspectives and stories, and I want to be up to date with technological, cultural and geopolitical trends.

Studying quality content from thought leaders feeds my relentless curiosity, makes me see reality with another pair of eyes, and helps me understand how to improve my personal branding strategy, how to tailor my message for my audience and how to become a better leader and team player with daily practice.

My favourite or most successful post:

Love this post, because it shows that if a random Italian young engineer (myself), in her bedroom, at 4:00AM CET, with blue lipstick on, can share her views on the future of Space Exploration and Science alongside a legendary Neil DeGrasse Tyson –>then everybody can achieve anything, with intentional passion, discipline and persistence!

Pineapple EMPIRE’s mission is to accelerate the world to the New Space Economy.

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