Top 100 Aerospace and Aviation Professionals to Follow On LinkedIn 2021: 32. Karin Nilsdotter

Karin Nilsdotter
32. Karin Nilsdotter

Astropreneur, Future Astronaut, Board professional, Tech Woman of the Year, Speaker, UN Space4Women Mentor, Spaceport Sweden AB

32. Karin Nilsdotter

Astropreneur, Future Astronaut, Board professional, Tech Woman of the Year, Speaker, Women & Girls in Space & Tech

Average Post Engagement:



Singapore and Sweden

What I use Linkedin for:

Connecting, learning, sharing, inspiring and encouraging others

Number of Followers:



Space Industry


Who am I:

I am passionate about advancing humanity into space and how technology can be used to empower all communities worldwide and foster sustainable business solutions on Earth. I wish to inspire and encourage people to reach for their stars, whatever they may be, and know we can all do stellar things as the sky is no longer the limit! As such I am very proud to a have been recognized as a role model and Tech Woman of the Year in Sweden, a Game Changer in the world by Wired and as 100 Women in Tech in Singapore.

What I do:

My mission is to open up space for humanity and I lead an effort to establish a launch site and destination for human space travel, Spaceport Sweden. Further, I am a board professional with a passion for initiatives that pushes the boundaries of technology and projects that positive impact for society in general and for women and girls in particular. I also serve as a proud mentor as part of the UNOOSA Space4Women program.

Why you should follow me on Linkedin:

I strive to inspire others about the very exciting, positive and exponential developments we are seeing and how we can all be part of it. As such I share opportunties, thoughts, projects and experiences around space, leadership, women in space, technology and innovation, diversity and inclusion.

Who I follow on Linkedin:

On Linkedin I follow people and organisations that inspire me and others working to create a positive impact for others, the world and beyond.

My favourite or most successful post:

“When something is important enough you do it even if the odds are not in your favor”. When Elon Musk started out, not only did he face many disbelievers but they were even laughing at his efforts. Elon’s determination, perseverance and resilience speaks volume and his achievements have changed the course of history and are disrupting not one but several industries. We can all achieve remarkable things and this post is a reminder that we should surround ourselves with people who believe in us and that we should never be afraid of failure but instead keep dreaming, as our dreams inspire our actions.

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