Top 100 Aerospace and Aviation Professionals to Follow on LinkedIn 2021: 36. Timo Mustonen

36. Timo Mustonen

CFO, Aurora Propulsion Technologies

Timo Mustonen

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What I use Linkedin for:

I use Linkedin to find and share interesting articles and discussions about New Space, sustainability and good leadership. I want to find people who are passionate to make Space and Earth more sustainable and equal for further generations. I am a strong believer that working together makes the difference. 1+1 equals with 11 in my vocabulary.

Number of Followers:



Aerospace and Aviation


Who am I:

I am a neo-generalist with comprehensive working experience in senior-level roles in Finance, Supply chain, Public relations, Sales and marketing, Product development, Process development, Strategy development, Business development, and Partnership management. I have made over 20 years of career in Finland and abroad mostly at Nokia. I truly believe in the power of good leadership. Manager’s role is to make subordinates and partners successful by supporting and helping them. My personal goal is to become every day a better leader. I am pleased to have around me great people who help me in that. I strongly feel that humankind should satisfy its current needs without compromising the ability of future generations to do the same. I am passionate about a sustainable future, increased quality of life across the globe, and equal opportunities for everybody. My colleagues, customers, and partners say that I know the right questions to ask, get the problems identified and solved quickly, manage issues that encounter friction, and get done tasks that are considered impossible.

What I do:

I work at Aurora Propulsion Technologies ( which is one of the leading technology companies in New Space. I am heading Finance, Business development, Sales and Marketing. My role is to understand the challenges and needs of our customers and partners. I help them to utilize Space in a sustainable way and to develop innovative solutions that improve the quality of life on Earth.

Why you should follow me on Linkedin:

This question should be actually asked by my existing followers. My personal interest is to promote and share topics that are especially close and valuable to me like New Space, sustainability, and good leadership. My ranking in SSI (Social Selling Index) in Aviation & Aerospace is in the top 1%. I hope that my followers like the guidelines that I have set for myself on in Linkedin.

1) I want to interact actively with the people in my network

2) I am silent if I feel that I cannot add any value. I believe that the quality of the content really matters.

3) When I connect with new people I want to chat with them to show that I truly value them as part of my network.

Who I follow on Linkedin

I don’t have a single person to follow on Linkedin. My approach is to build a comprehensive and versatile global network of people to follow and interact with. I believe in diversity. Every person has equal rights and is worth listening to. We can change the world together. There are so many fascinating people in my network to follow and to chat with i.e. people worldwide with different needs, backgrounds, cultures, educations, and opinions, young people full of passion, and older people with a huge amount of experience.


Timo’s Favorite Post

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Check out Timo’s post here

This is my favourite posting because it tells that everybody can be master in space technology, not only men. I think we all should encourage younger generations and promote equal opportunities.

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