Top 100 Aerospace and Aviation Professionals to Follow on LinkedIn 2021: 39. Joshua Chou

39. Joshua Chou

Senior Lecturer/ Group Leader | CEO, EXPLOR Space Technologies

Joshua Chou

Average Post Engagement: 49



What I use Linkedin for:

Professional Networking and promote EXPLOR space technologies.

Number of Followers:



Space Industry


Who am I:

I am passionate in inspiring the younger generation and help them find their passion in life. It is my life’s purpose to make an impact in people’s lives through science to promote better health and wellbeing even if it means going out of this world.

What I do:

I am a space biologist at the University of Technology Sydney working on how to leverage the unique environment of space to develop better healthcare and therapies for humans.

I am an entrepreneur at EXPLOR Space Technologies to disrupt and innovate and push the boundaries of space technologies by focusing on the human element and developing technologies to help humans survive and thrive in space and translate those technologies for terrestrial use.

Finally, I am a martial artist in Bujinkan Ninjutsu and I am a Father.

Why you should follow me on Linkedin:

You should follow me on linkedin because everyone refers to me as “the crazy one” cause I am here to disrupt and innovate so follow me and see the “out of this world” work that i am doing and I will open your mind and eyes to a whole new world of space biology, health and beyond.


“Vision vision vision. Mani is someone you meet rarely in life who is just full of life, energy and vision and has a beautiful soul complemented by her talent and long term vision and appreciates it.” – Joshua Chou

Mani Thiru

Space Industry Development, Amazon Web Services Asia Pacific

“A true leader and very successful human being but the purest and the most humble person i have met and devote his time in using his experience and position to help those that are in need. Nothing is too small or too big and a real gentlemen and a scholar.” – Joshua Chou

David Thodey

Board Director, CSIRO

“He is smart, innovative and disruptive in his thinking and how he is able to surpass the many challenges of space technologies and is a true gentlemen and researcher at heart and will be making big disruptions in the space industry for the years to come” – Joshua Chou

Jason Michaud

Chief Executive Officer, Stardust Technologies

Joshua’s Favorite Post

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This was the announcement of me representing Australia to be first to land back on the Moon and accelerating Australia’s return to the moon by 5-10 years. This was the work of many months in the making and i am very proud of this milestone and i know the real work is coming but i am reminded of the great team we have put together to make history. This mission is not only about the national pride, but more importantly it represents an international consortium of partners showcasing how much more we can achieve by working together. And the mission of allowing haptic feedback to allow users here on Earth to touch and feel the moon, will inspire people from all over Earth in literally reaching for the stars.

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