Top 100 Aerospace and Aviation Professionals to Follow On LinkedIn 2021: 40. Michaela Musilova, PhD

Michaela Musilova, PhD

Michaela Musilova, PhD

Director of HI-SEAS missions at the International MoonBase Alliance

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USA and Slovakia

What I use Linkedin for:

I use LinkedIn to connect with people all around the world and to do STEM and space related outreach.

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Who am I:

I’m an astrobiologist and the Director of the HI-SEAS analog space research station. My love for space started when I was eight years old and I have been following my dream to become an astronaut ever since.

I have conducted research at University College London and the California Institute of Technology, amongst other institutions. Later, I worked for NASA, the Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope and I have been the Commander of 30 simulated missions to the Moon and Mars.

I’m also a visiting Professor at the Slovak University of Technology and a member of the Global Faculty of the International Space University. I’m very grateful to have received numerous international awards, including Forbes Slovakia’s 30 under 30 recognition. Doing outreach and educational work is very close to my heart, which is why I actively engage in outreach activities worldwide. This includes co-writing a my biography, A Woman from Mars, to inspire others to follow their dreams as well.

What I do:

My primary job is to organize and run simulated missions to the Moon and Mars at HI-SEAS, which is a space analog research station that I’m the Director of in Hawaii. I also take part in missions as a crewmember and Commander if asked to do so.

I now have over 30 such missions under my belt and I’m about to be the Commander of a Mars Ocean Analog mission called Harmonia. We’ll be sailing from Florida to New York, while facing the challenges and dangers of doing work out at sea. Our “spacewalks” will be scuba diving research during our mission. I’m also a professor in astrobiology, planetary science and other space related subjects at the Slovak University of Technology and the International Space University (ISU). This year I’ll be co-Chairing the Science Department at ISU’s Space Studies Program in Spain.

I also lecture at different universities and during various outreach events around the world. As a side, I’m a consultant for space technology companies like NEEDRONIX in Slovakia and Mission Control Space Services in Canada. I love to write and so I write as freelancer for and other media outlets, as well as posting actively on social media for outreach purposes.

Why you should follow me on Linkedin:

I love what I do and I love sharing my passion for space, education, outreach and research with others. I hope to be able to inform the public about the different space-related activities and adventures that I’m part of, as well as teach people in my network new things through my posts and articles. Additionally, I enjoy connecting people around the world and I’m very happy when I can encourage others to pursue their passions and dreams.

Who I follow on Linkedin:

I follow people of all walks of life on LinkedIn, as I love learning from others and finding out new information in areas ranging from arts to technology. The more diverse the people I follow, the more I can widen my knowledge and perspective.

This post is one of my favorite posts because of the humor in it and the fact that it’s showing the human side of space exploration. Even though we may have big plans to go back to the Moon and to build first settlements on Mars, we’ll have to do that as a team working together with people from around the world, coming the private and the public sectors. We’ll have to learn to put aside our differences and work together.

When I’m the Commander of analog space missions, I also try to encourage the crew to become a space family, rather than to just stay as a group of colleagues. As a family, we can face challenges together better and be there for each other in good and bad times.

In this post, I wanted to show this important aspect of space exploration. It’s a fun picture accompanied with text highlighting the importance of teamwork and good relationships within a crew. I could tell that it was a good topic to talk about, because the post got a lot of likes and several people engaged with it through comments. 

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