Top 100 Aerospace and Aviation Professionals to Follow on LinkedIn 2021: 45. Courtland Savage

45. Courtland Savage

CEO, MX Ledger

Courtland Savage

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Who am I:

I am passionate about diversity & inclusion within the aviation and aerospace industry.

What I do:

CEO Fly For The Culture

Why you should follow me on Linkedin:

You should follow me on LinkedIn to witness my progress as a young entrepreneur. Many feel I “did it backward” by growing a nonprofit first. However, that was part of my plan. Why do it alone when you can grow a community of diverse aviators at the same time. My goal is to show our youth you can succeed in life by following the Golden rule “treat others as one wants to be treated.”


Who I follow on Linkedin


“I’ve always wanted to create a charter or part 91 operation but did not think it was possible. The only minority operation I knew of was Bahamas Air in Nassau. Seeing Glenn inspired me to create my own part 135 operation utilizing a Vision Jet & Quest Kodiak.” – Courtland Savage

Glenn Gonzales

Founder and CEO , Jet It

“She started as a bagger for an airline and worked her way up the ladder as the former VP of sales with Bombardier, President of JetSuite, and now CGO of Wheels up.” – Courtland Savage

Stephanie Chung

Chief Growth Officer, Wheels Up

“One of the very few minorities who works for the FAA FAAST team. His goal is to bring more diversity to the FAA and the aviaiton industry. He serves as a board member for Fly For The Culture and part-time CFI at Columbia Training Center.” – Courtland Savage

Clarence Garden

Flight Instructor and Aviation Safety Analyst, Federal Aviation Administration

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