Yumna Majeed’s Rise to Top 6. Aerospace Professional to Follow on LinkedIn

Yumna Majeed's Rise to the top aerospace to follow on Linkedin
6. Yumna Majeed

Medical Lab Technologist | Space Educator | Aspiring Astronaut, IAU Office for Astronomy Outreach

Yumna Majeed

Medical Lab Technologist-Aspiring Astronaut

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What I use Linkedin for:

To look for professional contacts, collaborations and to share my work. 

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Space Education

Who am I:

I have always been passionate about becoming an astronaut and recreating dinosaurs. Growing up, I realized my country is far behind in the space race and people are unaware of this amazing science we call “astronomy/space science’. So I started space awareness campaign when I was 18 y/, now it is a registered organization. Long story short, I became someone whom I needed when I was younger. Also, I recently graduated as a Medical Technologist, hoping to sneak into Human Genetics research sector!

What I do:

I teach space! I am a space educator, founder of “Exploration by Yumna” which is a Pakistani chapter of various international space organizations. This organization has worked as a one woman army for almost 4 years and now in 5th year, I am making a team. Via this platform, all I have done is to raise awareness about astronomy in my country and I have seen positive outcomes as well..

Why you should follow me on Linkedin:

To see how small steps can take you on a long successful journey, to get inspiration from a very few women in space/STEM.

Who I follow on Linkedin:

People from space sector belong to different countries and educators as well..


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