Top 100 Aerospace and Aviation Professionals to Follow On LinkedIn 2021: 61. Hania Mohiuddin

Hania Mohiuddin

Hania Mohiuddin

Aerospace Systems Engineer | Chairwoman

Average Post Engagement:



United Kingdom

What I use Linkedin for:

I prefer quality over quantity. My intention is to create valuable and insightful posts about Aerospace engineering, STEM awareness, Systems thinking, forward-thinking futuristic and cutting-edge technologies and ideas, personal and professional development and sharing career opportunities that my network may benefit from.

Every single one of my LinkedIn posts has a purpose – a careful pondering behind it, a lesson to learn and/or a true celebration.

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Aerospace / Defence / Aviation / Engineering


Who am I:

I am an Aerospace Engineer forging my life through living the Kobayashi Maru & leading by example!

What I do:

• I am working on developing state-of-the-art airborne electronic systems for the most advanced fighter aircraft ever to be made.

• This involves complex Mathematical (Algorithms) modelling, Systems modelling and Requirements Engineering.

Why you should follow me on Linkedin:

You will not find a post on my profile that contains political content, non-profession related content, funny videos, empty quotes or rants.

I am a woman of strong principles. I advocate what I believe in and my actions align with what I advocate. A common hashtag I use is #leadbyexample and that is what my profile is all about. I don’t assess my LinkedIn success by the number of followers or reactions on my posts.

The actual success occurs via unseen reactions, for example:

• A direct personal message of thanks

• A message of support

• A message of congratulations

• A message to ask me to share my expert views in detail

• A message to seek my help (mostly graduates seeking career advice but at times experienced even C level executives)

• A thought triggered in the reader’s mind

• An idea inspired by my post

Many people do not actively react to LinkedIn posts often, like myself. But that does not mean that they are uninspired by the post. It simply implies that they chose to show reactions when the times comes. Most of the times it is during direct interactions i.e. conferences or networking events that people mention that my post made them think and ponder or that they were inspired to do something after reading my post. THAT is what counts to me as impact or leading by example! Quality over quantity.

Who I follow on Linkedin:

I have a strategic agenda for the people / organisations / companies that I follow.

My ‘Following’ list on LinkedIn is carefully chosen to address various areas of my professional and personal development that I wish to keep a knowledge of … both for today and for my future! I often unfollow people and organisations who do not align with my future vision and principles. Quality over quantity again!

Some of the reasons / people / organisation / subjects I follow are:

• To keep on top of technological advancements & the Aerospace industry as a whole

• To build relations with people I wish to add to my network before sending them a connection request

• Aerospace and general Engineering companies

• Space Engineering

• Personal development: Harvard Business Review, McKinsey & Company and TED Conferences

• Professional registration organisations e.g. Royal Aeronautical Society, The Institute of Engineering and Technology and The International Council on Systems Engineering (INCOSE)

• Latest Tech / Engineering Start-ups of interest

• Experienced people at peak of their careers including C level executives, professors, lawyers, entrepreneurs,

• Some acquaintances who share valuable content

• Educational institutes to keep updated on latest engineering courses

• Carefully down-selected recruitment agencies and recruiters

My favourite or most successful post:

This post is the day I met Sarah bint Yousif Al Amiri who is UAE’s first Minister of State for Advanced Sciences and also the chairperson of the country’s space agency. The post has over 5000 views.

I represented UK’s Women in Engineering (and Aviation) at special networking lunch with Her Excellency Sarah bint Yousef ALAmiri. It was a great privilege to meet her and other engineers to discuss challenges facing women and girls to study and excel at STEM.

I believe that day something changed in me … I had a new drive to pursue higher than ever dreams in my future!

Other posts include:

The post has over 4000 views

The post has over 8000 views

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