Top 100 Aerospace and Aviation Professionals to Follow on LinkedIn 2021: 68. Francesco Ventre

68. Francesco Ventre

Space Engineer | CEO, Walle Mobility

Francesco Ventre

Average Post Engagement: 29



What I use Linkedin for:

To inspire people and to connect with the world.

Number of Followers:



Aviation and Aerospace


Who am I:

I am passionate about space in general. I am a firm believer in space exploration for the progress of humankind, and one of my life’s purposes is to make people fly with air-shuttle as they now drive a car!

What I do:

I am the CEO of a startup, Walle Mobility, to become the first air‑taxi operator in Italy before 2025. Moreover, I am the president and co‑founder of the first student space association of Politecnico di Milano, PoliSpace.

We are currently building a CubeSat. I am also developing my thesis for the MSc in Space Engineering in collaboration with the University of Liverpool, about ”Asteroid ejecta dynamics around binary systems”.

Why you should follow me on Linkedin:

I can help you grow your network! I am always keen to answer any professional question, and I welcome collaboration opportunities in STEM. Following me you can inspire and being inspired.

Who I follow on Linkedin

I follow people with more experience than myself as I found that I can learn a lot in this way. I follow CEOs, new space companies, and pages that help me stay up-to-date with fresh news from the Space and Urban Air Mobility fields.


Francesco’s Favorite Post

Reactions: 307

Comments: 12

Check out Francesco’s post here

This is my most successful post and, I might say, also one of my favorites. It represents one of the best moments in my life, as I dreamed for a long time to participate in one of the International Space University activities. It received more than 300 likes and 10k+ views.

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