Top 100 Aerospace and Aviation Professionals to Follow On LinkedIn 2021: 70. Dr Bianca Capra

Dr Bianca Capra

Dr Bianca Capra

Senior Lecturer | Aerospace Engineer | Superstar of STEM | STEM Outreach | Gender Equity in Engineering | @DrBiancaCapra | @aerobianca

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What I use Linkedin for:

Professional networking, advancing profile of women in aerospace engineering and STEM, connecting with other professionals in the field of high-speed flight, influencing people, promoting leadership and personal influence

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Higher Education & Research Engineer (high speed flight)


Who am I:

I am passionate about creating a diverse and equitable engineering industry, particularly in aerospace. Key to achieving this is ensuring that our future engineers reflect all of society, as we need all voices at the design table. Education is a right for everyone and this includes engineering and I am passionate about supporting all minorities in engineering.

I believe we must address the ongoing gender disparities within engineering schools and am a strong advocate for creating the systemic change we need to achieve gender parity. I am passionate about high-speed flight and unlocking the engineering challenges that remain with this final frontier of engineering.

What I do:

I find creative solutions for high speed flight. I am an educator and I advocate for more diversity in engineering and aerospace in particular.

In my day job, I teach our future engineers and engineering leaders, specialising in thermal engineering applied to high speed flight. I lead a research team within this area with a strong focus on better understanding how the high temperatures experienced in high speed flight effect both the structure of, and the airflow around, the vehicle. This work is critical in achieving sustained viable high speed flight. I use a combination of analytical, numerical and experimental engineering tools to investigate the fluid and structural interaction when travelling more than 5 times the speed of sound, or around 2,100 km/hr.

I have a number of STEM outreach roles, within my University and professional societies where I develop and run outreach events to encourage, support and inspire young people into engineering. I am also a leader within my university and technical societies where I have led the development of a number of initiatives to improve and diversity, equity and inclusion.

Why you should follow me on Linkedin:

People interested in hearing from diverse voices within the aerospace sector should follow me. I sit at the nexus of creativity, research, education and leadership within the aerospace sector. As an academic I am a custodian for educating our future aerospace and aeronautical engineers with a strong defence focus.

My technical background in the field of high-speed flight is an area of growing interest Internationally and hearing from diverse voices within this area is important. I am also a strong advocate for driving change in the makeup and increasing diversity, running and participating in a number of STEM outreach events focused on engineering and aerospace. I am passionate about aerospace engineering and inspiring, encouraging and supporting all women in this field.

Who I follow on Linkedin:

I follow a diverse group of people, government, companies and educator on LinkedIn. One key demographic for me is women in aerospace and women in engineering from across the world. I have a strong focus on supporting and promoting all women, particularly in aerospace and this drives who I follow. I also follow this demographic to grow my networks. Additionally, I follow key and interesting people in aerospace and defence companies (Space X, Virgin Galactic, Blue Origin, Reaction Engines, BAE systems, Boeing, etc) with a strong Australian focus, although not exclusively. I follow politicians, company and inspirational leaders in the areas of defence, aerospace, space, and equity and diversity as well as community and outreach groups. As I work in higher education, I also follow universities and other research institutes.


My favourite or most successful post:

I have two favourite posts, detailed below.

The first is a post I made about the work my team and I achieved in developing and implementing gender equity and diversity with the Australasian Fluid Mechanics society. This is one of my most successful with 4,454 views, 79 interactions and 18 comments and also reflects my commitment and passion for increasing diversity in my field. Fluid mechanics remains very male dominated, and these policies are making real impact.

The URL for this post is:

The second post is on the success of the outreach program I run here at UNSW Canberra to engage more young women with engineering. I am deeply passionate and committed to increase gender diversity within engineering. This is driven from my own experience as often being the only woman in the room and my passion for engineering. We need more young women to enter this profession which requires us to have more visible, accessible and diverse role models so young women can see themselves in this profession. This post has had 3752 views and 67 interactions. The link to the post is:

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