Top 100 Aerospace and Aviation Professionals to Follow On LinkedIn 2021: 73. Gitika Gorthi

Gitika Gorthi

Gitika Gorthi

Founder and CEO of IgnitedThinkers | 2021-2022 Girl Scout Nation's Capital Teen Board of Director

Average Post Engagement:



United States

What I use Linkedin for:

To spread awareness on space education and my non-profit organization IgnitedThinkers, as well as increasing network.

Number of Followers:



Space Education


Who am I:

I am a junior in high school, Founder/CEO of IgnitedThinkers (a non-profit organization to spread space education to all,, & an aspiring space doctor and astronaut.

What I do:

Student, researcher, educator, space communicator, and non-profit CEO.

Why you should follow me on Linkedin:

To support my initiative of #space4all and spread space education to all.

Who I follow on Linkedin:

Many space champions, such as Mr. Cantrell, Mr. Mike Mongo, Dr. Raghavan, Professor Baatout, Dr. Velho, Dr. Pandya, and many more (many which can be viewed on my youtube channel at, because they all are space champions who achieved much so much in the space industry and give back to the space community by setting a perfect example.

My favourite or most successful post:

<– most viewed youtube video. My favorite post because it displays diverse space careers and how space is truly for all.

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