Top 100 Aerospace and Aviation Professionals to Follow on LinkedIn 2021: 75. Lukasz Wilczynski

75. Lukasz Wilczynski

🛰️ Space Evangelist▫️PR&Communication advisor▫️TEDx Speaker▫️Founder of the European Rover Challenge▫️Space Talks podcast host, Planet Partners

Lukasz Wilczynski

Average Post Engagement: 26



What I use Linkedin for:

Networking | New Business and Projects

Number of Followers:



PR and Communication


Who am I:

I am the self-confessed space evangelist, as my professional and private life was always connected with it. I’m the president of the European Space Foundation and founder and organizer of the European Rover Challenge. Besides that, I’m also a founder and CEO of public relations company Planet Partners that works with new tech and science Clients and, guess what, also space sector’s companies 🙂

What I do:

I help companies in building strong relations with their publicities and stakeholders. I also create projects that can inspire people (coming with different backgrounds and ages) and attract them to the space sector.

Why you should follow me on Linkedin:

As maybe in some of my posts, you will find an interesting thing that could connect us in form of the new idea/project/business.

Who I follow on Linkedin

For my daily basis work I follow mostly people from C-level management and marketing divisions of space companies. As this gives me more perspective on what is communicated and how it’s being done. I also follow people that are connected with a space sector from science, education and tech point of view – as this gives me a broad perspective on projects, ideas and crucial opinions on number of matters.


Lukasz’s Favorite Post

Reactions: 15

Comments: 13

Check out Lukasz’s post here

“Actually may favorite LinkedIn post was recent one with my personal story after COVID-19. It gave me a lot of private messages (I am still trying to respond to all of them) with people writing their own stories and supporting me. And this is why LinkedIn is so important. We all do business, but we are also humans and sometimes we need to make a stop and look at each other just like humans. With lots of empathy. Why is so important to me? As if we are to make another step in space, we have to do it as a humanity.

Putting differences aside and work as one. As for me a vision of exploration of space presented in “Expanse” series is a sad imagination of we should not become.” Lukasz

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