Top 100 Aerospace and Aviation Professionals to Follow on LinkedIn 2021: 82. Dr. Benjamin Pothier

82. Dr. Benjamin Pothier

, Ph.D . Fellow International, the Explorers Club / Mission Commander and analog Astronaut , Lunares / Human Factors Expert, International Astronautical Federation, EuroMoonMars

Dr. Benjamin Pothier

Average Post Engagement: 21



What I use Linkedin for:

Business | Keeping in touch with the work of my friends and colleagues

Number of Followers:



Space | Film |Photography | Exploration | Lecturer


Who am I:

I am by essence a pluridisciplinary researcher, artist and explorer, working in between the fields of exploration (As a fellow international of the explorers club), the space sector (as a seasoned analog astronaut, human factor expert and consultant in a large number of space architecture and space R&D international projects) and the news and entertainment industry (As a Journalist/Photo reporter and documentary film maker)

What I do:

The core of my pursuits is exploration, be it as an elected fellow international of the Explorers Club, a human factor expert for the human spaceflight committee of the IAf or as an award winning photographer and filmmaker and a seasoned analog astronaut. An expert in human factor in ICE (Isolated, Confined and Extreme) environments, I have lived on active volcanoes, in the high arctic and in desert, sometimes in the company of astronauts candidates, for the sake of anthropology research, photography, and documentary film making

Why you should follow me on Linkedin:

To keep in touch with my participations to analog astronauts training, research expeditions and conferences worldwide or if you are interested by human factor research for long-duration space missions or space architecture projects



Who I follow on Linkedin

“I follow my friends and colleagues who are both fellow members of the Explorers Club Dr. Ulyana Horodyskyj  And Dr. Shawna Pandya in order to follow their journey that will undoubtedly bring them one day into Low Earth Orbit or beyond” – Benjamin

Ulyana Horodyskyj

Scientist. Mountaineer. Educator. Polar Guide., University of Colorado Boulder

Shawna Pandya

Director of Medical Research, Orbital Assembly Corporation

“I follow Kai Staats / in order to follow the advancement of the his team on the construction of the Space Analog for the Moon and Mars (SAM), an amazing space architecture and innovative R&D project.” – Benjamin

Kai Staats

Researcher | Presenter | Filmmaker | Entrepreneur, Over the Sun, LLC

Benjamin’s Favorite Post

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Comments: 8

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“I am particularly proud of this photograph that I made during my participation to the test of a NASA/RISD Mars simulation suit, and was happy to share it as well on Linkedin to my professional network” – Benjamin

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