Top 100 Aerospace and Aviation Professionals to Follow On LinkedIn 2021: 85. Anne Nderitu

Anne Nderitu

Anne Nderitu

Co-Founder and COO at Swift Lab Limited

Average Post Engagement:




What I use Linkedin for:

I use LinkedIn for connecting to like minded people in the drone industry or other related fields. This has helped me tremendously to grow and expand my network. I also use it to inspire young women through my work to believe in themselves and work hard in their careers.

Number of Followers:





Who am I:

I am passionate about using technology to solve local problems in Africa. I am a firm believer that Africans can create lasting solutions to our challenges and create a better future for the communities. Through emerging technologies, we are capable of leapfrogging from poor transport infrastructure to drone deliveries therefore opening up remote areas and offering better standards of living to people.

What I do:

I am a co-founder and Chief Operations Officer at Swift Lab. Swift Lab is a truly African company that manufactures and operates drones to deliver essential and critical medical supplies in remote areas. I am an aerospace engineer and a licensed drone pilot. I am also the Founder of Girls Boardroom Foundation, which aims to help young female professionals to navigate their careers and become leaders in their fields.

Why you should follow me on Linkedin:

You should follow me, as I am a great example of what being bold can do for your career. Most of my career achievements have come along because of believing in myself and going for it even when the odds were against me. For example, last year I was honored to be named 2020 Women To Watch in UAS and through this, I believe other young professionals to follow their dreams.

Who I follow on Linkedin:

I follow thought leaders in my areas of interest which are : drone technology & leadership. I follow the to enhance my knowledge on technology and leadership.

My favourite or most successful post:

My favorite post is my graduation keynote speech at the African Drones and Data Academy. This is the day I overcame my fear of public speaking. When my classmates and I were told of the opportunity to give a speech during our graduation, I immediately took up the opportunity, not knowing how I would go about it. I would do this despite my fear. Over the next two weeks I thoroughly prepared and whenever I watch the video, it reminds me that there is nothing I cannot do, as long as I set my mind on it. The speech has opened more opportunities for me and I have been courageous about sharing my thoughts with the world. Recently, I was a panelist at World Humanitarian Forum, giving my perspectives on the use of drones for humanitarian purposes. I am glad that I keep pushing the boundaries for myself, to create an impact in the society and influence others.

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