Top 100 Aerospace and Aviation Professionals to Follow on LinkedIn 2021: 92. Rami Ibrahim

92. Rami Ibrahim

Founder and CEO, Orbofleet

Rami Ibrahim

Average Post Engagement: 16



What I use Linkedin for:

To spread knowledge and awareness, to help and provide advice in the industry, and support young people in their professional careers

Number of Followers:



Space and Satellite


Who am I:

I am an expert in the space and satellite industry, and knowledgeable on a global scale. I believe boosting the Space and Satellite technology in LEO and beyond will enhance our way of thinking and let us reach our ambitions on Earth.

What I do:

I am the Founder and President of Orbofleet Space Company, business consultancy firm based in Strasbourg, France.

Why you should follow me on Linkedin:

You are welcome to follow me If you are interested to learn, be familiar, build your career, getting opportunities, and be always updated in the space and satellite industry.


Who I Follow on LinkedIn:

“I am following many people are spreading the knowledge and awareness too such as Mr. Tien Nguyen. In general, I like to follow people who keep sharing info and not hiding info.” – Rami

Tien Nguyen

Rami’s Favorite Post

Reactions: 1,410

Comments: 25

Check out Rami’s post here

“I believe that one of the most important reasons to deliver the knowledge or awareness in a professional manner is to include graphics or infographic and let the audience to understand well and have fun in science at the same time!”

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