TOP 100 Aerospace & Aviation Professionals to Follow on LinkedIn 2022: 13. Sejal Budholiya

13. Sejal Budholiya

Engineer at Collins Aerospace | Co-founder at Project Neysa| Offsite| SGAC, Collins Aerospace

13. Sejal Budholiya

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What I use Linkedin forHow LinkedIn has helped you in your careers or businesses:

– Gain insights into research projects that I am working on
– Share opportunities and vacancies about volunteer/for-profit organizations with the community
– Connect with the space community and support them in their endeavours
– Make lifelong connections through invaluable mentors from the industry
– Get invited as a speaker for talks and interviews

Tips on how to Thrive 0n LinkedIn:

– It is always quality over quantity, always ask yourself about what you hope to achieve and the value it adds to the community, I post about a few times a month and ensure regular connections through direct messages, Be authentic and do not be afraid to share new ideas, I share opportunities, showcase current work, share links for interviews and always have my DMs open for any questions

What I use Linkedin for:

Connect with people working in diverse fields, learn from people who think unlike me, provide mentorship to students who aspire to join the space industry and gain insights into my work/research from people in the industry.

Number of Followers:



Aerospace & Aviation


Who am I:

I am Sejal Budholiya, an avionics analysis engineer at Collins Aerospace, and I have recently graduated with a bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering. I am a trained artist, published author, dancer, designer, and engineer, but at the core of it all, I love learning one new thing each day and believe in taking chances. I envision a world where each system we interact with is accessible to all.

What I do:

I work at one of the largest aerospace corporations in the world, Collins Aerospace (Raytheon Technologies Corporation), as an Avionics Analysis Engineer. I analyze and design sensors that make flights possible.
Additionally, I volunteer at SGAC and serve as the Asia Pacific Executive Regional Secretary, along with contributing to project groups.

Why you should follow me on Linkedin:

For multi-disciplinary content related to the space industry, as we transcend from STEM to STEAM, and to stay tuned with the latest opportunities from non-profit organizations such as SEDS and SGAC.
Lastly, for some exciting personal projects related to Design in space for life on Earth!

Who I follow on Linkedin

I love a diverse new perspective into outer space
some of the people I follow are:
– Miki Sode: She was my advisor for the Design in Space for life on Earth challenge
she brings an interesting perspective combining design and space.
– Anthony J James: Posts the most interesting content about innovation!
– Rikhi Roy: Posts content about wellness in aerospace
– Shelli Brunswick: Posts inspiring content, articles and information about video interviews with the brightest in the space industry

She was my advisor for the Design in Space for life on Earth challenge.

She brings an interesting perspective combining design and space.

Miki Sode

Innovation Strategist | Human Centered Systems Thinker | People Investor, SCM - Space Commerce Matters

Posts the most interesting content about innovation!

Anthony J James

CEO, Innovation, Technology & Growth at Trinity Consulting, Trinity Consulting Services

Posts content about wellness in aerospace

Rikhi Roy

Systems Safety Engineer at Wisk | Podcast Host | Aviation Week Network 20 Twenties | Brooke Owens Fellow, Wisk

Posts inspiring content, articles and information about video interviews with the brightest in the space industry

Shelli Brunswick

Visionary Thought Leader | Strategic C-Level & Chair | Speaker & Author | Space Pro & Policy Advocate | Space4Women Mentor | WBAF Senator for USA | WTN Global Technology Leader & DEI Officer of the Year |, Space Foundation

Sejal’s Favorite Post

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Check out Sejal’s post here

This post was to gain insights about menstruation in space. The research in this domain is limited, which urges me to delve deeper and potentially design products that can be used in space and on Earth. In short, Design in Space for Life on Earth.

Sejal’s Successful Post

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Check out Sejal’s post here

The announcement after I graduated from the Swarovski Foundation: Creatives for our Future Cohort, where I was able to able to develop prototypes for the projects: Modular Rainwater Harvesting System and Gaia: A tool to ease the logistics of Menstruation through my non-profit organization, Neysa.

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