TOP 100 Aerospace & Aviation Professionals to Follow on LinkedIn 2022: 17. Dr. Shawna Pandya

17. Shawna Pandya, MD

Physician, Aquanaut, Explorer, Director - IIAS Space Medicine Group, Space Medicine and Austere Environment Researcher, Luxsonic Technologies Inc.

17. Shawna Pandya, MD

Average Post Engagement: 146.8



How LinkedIn has helped you in your careers or businesses:

Through LinkedIn I have:
* Had schools, clients and partners connect for talks and keynotes that have taken me all around the world, from the US to Qatar
* Connected with like-minded space and aerospace professionals
* Shared my own journey, news and updates

Tips on how to Thrive 0n LinkedIn:

– I try to post updates after every major event that I do, whether it is a parabolic flight campaign, a new spacesuit testing campaign, a keynote, a conference, or a personal accomplishment. I will also post about major exploration and space news. The common theme is that I keep my posts positive, inclusive, and focused on my work in space medicine, technology and exploration. I am proud of, and love what I do – and I want others to feel like they are a part of that too!

What I use Linkedin for:

I use LinkedIn to share my experiences & successes and travels, cheer others on, and connect with like-minded space and aerospace professionals.

Number of Followers:





Who am I:

I believe in pushing the limits of human exploration, doing good for humanity, and lifting others up along the way.

What I do:

I am a physician, aquanaut, scientist-astronaut candidate, explorer and space medicine and extreme environment researcher. I serve as the VP of Immersive Medicine for Luxsonic Technologies and the Director of the International Institute for Astronautical Sciences Space Medicine Group. I also act as the medical advisor for numerous commercial space companies and space conferences/events.

Why you should follow me on Linkedin:

Curious about space medicine and human spaceflight? Follow me if you want to stand at the edge and of human and commercial spaceflight and discover (and build!) the future of humans in space together!

Who I follow on Linkedin

I follow other amazing women who are standing at the edge of human spaceflight and exploration, including Dr. Tess Casswell, a spacewalk operations engineer at NASA’s Johnson Space Center, Dr. Erika Wagner, the Senior Director for Emerging Markets at Blue Origin, Rhonda Stevenson, CEO at Orbital Assembly, Dr. Carole Dangoisse, a physician who wintered over for 14 months at Concordia Station in Antarctica – the list goes on!


Tess Caswell

Spacewalk Operations Engineer at KBR, Inc., KBR, Inc.

Erika Wagner PhD

Sr. Director for Emerging Space Markets, BLUE ORIGIN

Rhonda Stevenson

President/ CEO at Orbital Assembly Corporation, Orbital Assembly

Shawna’s Favorite Post

Reactions: 302

Comments: 14

Share: 13

Check out Shawna’s post here

❝My favorite posts – both within my own profiles and others’ post – are those that celebrate big wins and milestones. One example is my (and many others’!) post celebrating the first publicly released image from the James Webb Space Telescope: this represented a shared celebratory moment for not just space lovers, but all of humanity.❞

Shawna’s Successful Post

Reactions: 330

Comments: 48

Shares: 11

Check out Shawna’s post here

❝My most successful posts are those celebrating wins – both my own, and those of others! This year, my posts celebrating the first publicly released image from the James Webb Space Telesope, and my being honored as one of the Explorers’ Club’s “EC50: 50 Explorers Changing the World You Need to Know About” were amongst my most engaged-with posts.❞


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