TOP 100 Aerospace & Aviation Professionals to Follow on LinkedIn 2022: 2. Michael Hill

2. Michael Hill

Regional Director- Volatus Aerospace | Award-winning Drone Technology Expert | Certified Search & Rescue Drone Pilot | Keynote Speaker, Civil Air Patrol

35. Michael Hill

Average Post Engagement: 336.9



How LinkedIn has helped you in your careers or businesses:

The best advice I can give anyone is also my standard rule of thumb-
Be yourself on social media. Honesty and integrity are extremely valuable and are the measured values of who you really are. Doing this keeps you aligned with your true goals and ambitions.
This will definitely help you build and maintain a better personal brand and will also allow you to stay true to yourself and your values regardless of the content you post.


Tips on how to Thrive in LinkedIn:

 Staying active on LinkedIn is a great way to continuously connect with incredible members who share similar passions/interests and it provides me a method to stay connected professionally with my social media family. I try to make sure my posts will add value and help overcome/address some of the issues we see in the uncrewed aerospace industry.


What I use Linkedin for:

I use LinkedIn to connect with like-minded people. It brings me such inspiration in seeing the great things my peers are doing. LinkedIn is a valuable communication tool that allows me to share events, industry news, and various stories to help support, promote and grow the Uncrewed Aviation Drone Industry.

Number of Followers:





Who am I:

An FAA Part 107 Pilot with over 2800+ hours of UAS flight time, accumulated within 4500+ incident-free missions flown as Pilot-in-Command. I have earned safety and industry certifications from the FAA, FEMA, OSHA, and NIST and have achieved the highest level of UAS safety certifications, Pro Level III, from the Unmanned Safety Institute (USI).


My experience includes using uncrewed technology for missions on the land, in the air, and at sea for projects such as aerial mappings, telecom inspections, wind turbine inspections, oil & gas inspections, critical infrastructure inspections, search and rescue missions, cargo resupply operations, as well as underwater inspections of critical infrastructure.


Having served as an uncrewed aviation consultant to organizations on integrating Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) vehicles into their respective industries, I have helped develop a training curriculum for workforce development within several organizations and school districts around the country and regularly speak at community and industry events on the advancements of remotely piloted technology.


I have introduced many community members, business and civic leaders, legislators, first responders, and various organizations to the uncrewed aviation industry and have trained and mentored many of these individuals to become certified remote pilots.


My volunteer work as Chairperson for the North Central Texas Council of Governments (NCTCOG), UAS Taskforce- Legislative & Policy Committee, as well as a sitting member of both the Texas HB2340- Public Safety UAS committee and the Texas SB763- AAM Committee in engaging politicians, government officials, and large businesses, in helping to develop UAS and AAM policies and procedures, are helping change these regulations in Texas.


As the Director of Unmanned Operations (DOU) for the Texas Wing of the Civil Air Patrol, I have become a certified Search & Rescue Drone Pilot covering SAR missions throughout the United States. In my role, I lead a regional SAR force of 75 FAA Part 107 Pilots flying SAR operations as called upon by FEMA.


As a part of the leadership team for the North Texas Public Safety Unmanned Response Team (NTXPSURT). I volunteered as their Training Officer, to help them in establishing an organizational presence, which included offering my experience to help fire depts, law enforcement, and emergency management teams on any number of tasks from event surveillance to flight training.


In my current role, I am working to develop multiple global remotely piloted cargo resupply operations using advanced UAV Drone technology to successfully deliver cargo to various operations across international boundaries, offshore, and across indigenous nations. I believe the future of cargo will be remotely piloted.

What I do:

I have become one of the top experts in the areas of Uncrewed Aerial Vehicles (UAV) Drones and their industrial applications, Urban Air Mobility (UAM) and their integration as well as helping various organizations develop Uncrewed Traffic Management (UTM) protocols for our National Airspace (NAS). Our team of unmanned aviation experts understand drone technology as well as its application within specific industries and the different challenges each operating environment presents.

Why you should follow me on Linkedin:

I provide an endless source of information, conversation, and humor about the drone industry and some pretty cool videos from time to time of our work.

Who I follow on Linkedin

I like to follow pioneers, innovators, and entrepreneurs overall but more so the people in the uncrewed aviation Drone industry. I love learning what others are doing in and around drone technology and seeing how they are advocating for the use of drones.


Michael’s Favorite Post

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❝I simply love educating young aviators, their passion shown for our industry reminds me of my own passions as a youth during our early space race days.❞

Michael’s Successful Post

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❝This post is what I consider my most successful, not by the comments or views, but because it shows how far an inner-city street kid can go in life.❞

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