TOP 100 Aerospace & Aviation Professionals to Follow on LinkedIn 2022: 3. Renee Frohnert

3. Renee Frohnert

Space Pioneer | Citizen Scientist-Astronaut Trainee | Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion | Featured on Netflix, L3Harris Technologies

3. Renee Frohnert

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How LinkedIn has helped you in your careers or businesses:

LinkedIn has helped me with:

  1. Promotions,
  2. Connections,
  3. Partnerships,
  4. Business deals,
  5. Investment leads,
  6. Public speaking opportunities,
  7. TV appearances, and more.

Using LinkedIn as a platform for space has significantly contributed to my career in the industry. LinkedIn has helped me connect with various space industry professionals and enthusiasts including NASA, DoD, commercial, the White House, NBC, the Weather Channel, and more.

I received multiple positions and promotion opportunities through the platform, helping grow my career trajectory.

Being part of the LinkedIn Space community has allowed me to learn information as it happens – from new product announcements such as Hilton’s partnership with Voyager Space for space hotels – to SpaceFund investment portfolios – to NASA’s critical Artemis launch updates.

Knowing this information as it unfolds is critical to my position as a Business Development Leader in the space industry.

Some of the top opportunity highlights I have had using LinkedIn: Live interview on The Weather Channel discussing NASA Artemis 1, promotional opportunity, announcement of my trip to the edge of space, application and completion of the IIAS Scientist-Astronaut program, and selection to be a TEDx speaker.

Tips on how to Thrive in LinkedIn:

I use LinkedIn to develop my personal brand as a “Space Pioneer”. I post content in two different areas: space industry news & my own personal journey in the space industry.
My most successful posts were in regards to my journey (such as my experience seeing electronics I designed launch on NASA Artemis 1 to sharing my journey as a woman in STEM to announcing my trip to the edge of space).
I keep my topics consistent to anything space related. I try to post once per week unless around a launch. Posting too much can be negative and posting too little can lead to not reaching a large enough audience. 1-3 times per week has worked the best for me.
I also like to use any space or post-related hashtags in a comment to each post to allow for additional reach.
Lastly, I love LinkedIn because I can be myself on the platform and everyone is so supportive. I can authentically talk about the hard parts of my career as much as my successes (such as failing my first semester of undergrad).


What I use Linkedin for:

I used LinkedIn to: develop my brand as a “Space “Pioneer”, advance my career, educate the public about space, share my journey as a woman in STEM, connect with people in space and other industries, find public speaking/TV opportunities, promote diversity, equity, and inclusion, and inspire young girls and women to pursue space & STEM.

I use LinkedIn to share space news – which I am super passionate about! For example: I go into elementary schools to teach science and math – and many of the people I meet are not aware we are sending the first woman to the moon in 2025. I also try to educate the general public about the technology advancements in commercial space such as World View and Space Perspective which will lower the barrier of entry to the edge of space in the next 2 years.

I use LinkedIn to have the most up to date information such as investing opportunities, mergers & acquisitions, and project announcements. Lastly, LinkedIn allows me to connect with people from various industries including space, defense, and media. Some favorite opportunities I received from LinkedIn was being selected to speak live on the Weather Channel about the NASA Artemis 1 launch and invited to discuss my journey as a woman in space on the TEDx stage.

Number of Followers:





Who am I:

My life’s purpose is to become the role model I wish as a young woman in engineering. Early on in engineering school, I did not have a woman professor or role model to look up to – as one of only two females out of hundreds in my class. As an aspiring astronaut and space engineer, it was challenging to feel like I belonged. As someone who has pushed through and become successful in the space industry, I am passionate about making everyone feel welcome in space including women in STEM. In order to solve the most challenging problems such as sending humans to mars and addressing the increasing risk of space debris, we need everyone welcomed in this industry. From engineering to business administration to finance to investing to human resources to entrepreneurship – I believe that space is for everyone.

What I do:

Space Engineering: I design electronics and systems for NASA, the U.S. DoD, and commercial space companies. My favorite projects include designing electronics for the NASA Orion spacecraft for Artemis and leading the team advancing the next generation of the THAAD missile defense interceptor.
Space Business: I enjoy following the current new space economy landscape. This includes researching company performance, current VC portfolios, government regulations, and mergers and acquisitions.
Space Public Speaking & Media: I love to spread the word about space. I use LinkedIn, Instagram, and YouTube (@ReneeFrohnert) to discuss my journey and current events in space.

Why you should follow me on Linkedin:

Follow me if you have a passion for space! My mission to ensure everyone feels included in the industry – no matter your background. If you love learning about current events – from NASA’s Artemis Launch – to Hilton’s partnership with Nanoracks to build astronaut hotel rooms in space – I want to share it all. Coming in 2024, I will be traveling to the edge of space! Follow me to see my journey!


Who I follow on Linkedin

Shelli Brunswick: As a woman in space, she is someone I look up to. She is passionate about promoting diversity in the field and is an inspiration as COO of the Space Foundation and a space LinkedIn influencer.


Shelli Brunswick

Visionary Thought Leader | Strategic C-Level & Chair | Speaker & Author | Space Pro & Policy Advocate | UNOOSA Space4Women | WBAF Senator for USA | WTN Global Technology Leader & DEI Officer of the Year |, Space Foundation

Renee’s Favorite Post

Reactions: 327

Comments: 17

Check out Renee’s post here

❝This is my favorite post because it is announcing my trip to the edge of space while pointing out that failure is part of success. I like to share the struggling points of my space journey almost as much as my successes so that it is authentic and real.

If someone else is struggling, I hope it inspires others that it will get better!❞

Renee’s Successful Post

Reactions: 1,282

Comments: 39

Shares: 5

Check out Renee’s post here

❝This post is most successful because it shows a side by side progression of my career. In 2019, I attended my first test flight of NASA Orion and in 2022, I am attending the NASA Artemis 1 launch of Orion on the SLS.❞

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