TOP 100 Aerospace & Aviation Professionals to Follow on LinkedIn 2022: 31. Sam Juson

31. Sam Juson

Graduate Space Systems Engineer, UK Ministry of Defence

31. Sam Juson

Average Post Engagement: 89.2




How LinkedIn has helped you in your careers or businesses.:

LinkedIn has provided me with the clear visibility on the ever-evolving space sector, which has enabled me to identify clear trends on current and future technological developments.

What type of content do you focus on:

Global conferences, technical papers and space news.

What I use Linkedin for:

I use LinkedIn for a magnitude of different reasons. During my studies, I took the opportunity to connect with likeminded students and working professional to expand my network and build my awareness of the global space industry. I used it to identity various career paths, have fruitful conversations with established specialists in the sector, and as a research tool to gain relevant, up to date information on technological developments of emerging companies, with a particular focus on launch vehicle propulsion systems.


During my time as Co-President at CranSEDS, Cranfield University’s Society for Space Exploration and Development, I posted numerous updates about our rocket, rover and satellite projects, as well as our organised virtual conference Space of Tomorrow: From Vostok to Artemis. Consequently, I also posted about numerous successful technology demonstrations as a result of these competitions and spread awareness for sponsorship opportunities through tailor made brochures.


I use it to share personal professional and academic achievements that I am proud of, including starting new jobs, completing major university assignments, astrophotography competitions, and graduating from the likes of the International Space University and Cranfield University.


I also use LinkedIn to spark discussions from space recruiters that can contribute towards the effective application process of early-stage career graduates. One post reached over 18,000 impressions, with numerous comments and shares from leading hiring managers and space recruitment consultancies giving their advice on the subject area of CV formatting. I was extremely pleased to receive multiple explaining how the discussion aided their application process when achieving their first job!


I also like to share important updates and information that I receive at various national and international conferences, surrounding the topics of space propulsion, military satellite communications, in-orbit manufacturing, and space sustainability.

Number of Followers:



Aerospace & Aviation


Who am I:

I am an early career propulsion engineer who wants to actively participate in providing space services that support a better society and way of living. I am also a STEM ambassador and advocate, trying to promote this career path through my work at the charity 4WardFutures, and through my individual early STEM engagement and outreach activities.

What I do:

I am currently working as a DE&S Graduate Aerospace Engineer at the Ministry of Defence, on secondment as a Launch Systems Engineer at the UK Space Agency. This involves providing the technical capability essential to effectively assessing the safety, reputational and financial (liability) risks associated with licensing launch from the UK.

Why you should follow me on Linkedin:

To spread the awareness of space technology and how it improves our daily lives to inspire the next generation of engineers!

Who I follow on Linkedin

I personally enjoy Moriba Jah’s content. He promotes a very good message in orbital safety and space sustainability, in a detailed but engaging way, through the use of interactive platforms. All those who make this high-level understanding accessible are also great to follow, Torsten Kriening, Ray Stott, Suzie Imber are all fantastic advocates for this.


❝He promotes a very good message in orbital safety and space sustainability, in a detailed but engaging way, through the use of interactive platforms.❞

Moriba (Kemessia) Jah

Astrodynamicist | Space Environmentalist | National Geographic Explorer | TED Fellow | Global Space Evangelist | Professor | Spacecraft Navigator | Co-Founder & Chief Scientist, Privateer Space

Torsten Kriening

Publisher, SpaceWatch.Global

Ray Stott

SpaceSpecialists Ltd 🚀🛰Space Industry Consulting, Training & Recruitment worldwide. SpaceMates Online - weekly global event: space news, guest interviews, Q&A and networking., SpaceSpecialists Ltd

Suzie Imber

Associate Professor of Planetary Science, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

Sam’s Favorite Post

Reactions: 10

Comments: 3

Check out Sam’s post here

❝My favourite post is of young Callum Wilkinson’s reaction to finding out he was the national winner of the UK Space Agency Logo Lift Off competition. He perfectly depicted the role that small satellites have to play in helping monitor climate change, and his resulting logo will be designed to go on the first rockets launching from UK soil. The video encapsulates the pure excitement and joy that space can bring to the younger generation, and it made me incredibly proud to be part of an organisation that encourages and promotes such activities. This post incorporates two of my great passions, STEM engagement and highlighting space sustainability.❞

Sam’s Favorite Post

Reactions: 499

Comments: 57

Check out Sam’s post here

❝My most successful post was an announcement of joining the UK Space Agency as a Launch Systems Engineer back in March 2021. The post gained 26,769 impressions, 57 comments and 500 likes. I think this got a lot of success due to being very young when joining the UK Space Agency within the Office of the Chief Engineer, and the projects that I was going to be involved in.❞

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