TOP 100 Aerospace & Aviation Professionals to Follow on LinkedIn 2022: 40. Ozan Kara

40. Ozan Kara

PhD, Engineer, Photographer, International Astronautical Federation

40. Ozan Kara

Average Post Engagement: 73.3




Tips on how to Thrive on LinkedIn:

I usually focus on my personal accomplishments in the space sector. Because other social media tools such as Instagram and twitter also share a lot of news. Thus, I keep Linkedin more personal and try to inspire people with my accomplishments.
The best thing is If I share some news on Instagram, a lot of people see the information. but they just skip the information. But on Linkedin, when I share sth. people care. Because Linkedin is more professional. Thus, I will try to share more about space news and my personal work on rocket ignitions.

How LinkedIn has helped you in your careers or businesses.:

The best feature of Linkedin is to find related connections about my career field. If I know someone, then I can search for other people in the field easily. Also, sending direct messages to people in the business field is so great on Linkedin. For example, I wanted to meet a person who is quite a high level in turkey. Then, I send him a message from LinkedIn. He responded back.

What I use Linkedin for:

New jobs, sharing personal news about the space sector and rocket science.

Number of Followers:





Who am I:

My desire has always been to inspire the next generations in the space sector. I made this possible since 2010. With student competitions and then IAC/SGC participation. In 2016 I shared my vision of Mars Exploration in my TEDx talk to Turkey. Dream to Reality was the major topic that encouraged young people to dream about Mars. Also, in 2022 I get the Young Space Leader Medal by the world’s most congress the IAC. Although I don’t share much in Linkedin I made a lot in the space sector. I am one of the first person who invented Gamification in the Space Sector at the UN and WEF. Also, my Mars rocket design is the first in the world to use CO2 as the oxidizer in large rockets. Thus, I always care about sharing my experiences in my career path with young people

What I do:

I do rockets 🙂 hybrid rocket manufacturing, launch, and internal ballistics calculations. Also, I am a lecturer in yeditepe teaching aerodynamics and rocket propulsion. I give many seminars and workshops to students in Istanbul. I am also a rower, photographer, singer, and volleyball player 🙂
you can check from my Instagram ozankaraspace

Why you should follow me on Linkedin:

I have 4500 followers and my desire is to try to unite all. That is my passion and mission in life too! Also, I have many connections in the space sector that they can also see from my profile and find proper people. I always do mentorship to people who want to meet a person in the field. Briefly, I am a network person 🙂
Also, my IAC accomplishments can inspire young people to reach institutions and agencies. I share to be encouraged and brave!

Who I follow on Linkedin

Leyla Alaton (Turkish business women) both social and business skills she has.
Remco Timmermans is my great friend and always shares info. about current events and news during a space activity
Most of the heads of space agencies such as Josef Aschbacher. The best way to learn about how agencies work.
Mesut Demirbilek has also a different background in cyber security. It will be a future topic for space too.
Leyla Alaton

Alarko - Alvimedica, Alvimedica

❝My great friend and always share info. about current events and news during a space activity❞

Remco Timmermans

🛰 Social Media Specialist for Space #EUinfluencer, Space Communications Alliance

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❝Young Space Leader Medal is the best award in the space sector, all over the world. The best inspirational post for all people in Turkey and the world.❞

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