TOP 100 Aerospace & Aviation Professionals to Follow on LinkedIn 2022: 64. Eliana Fu

64. Eliana Fu

Industry Manager: Aerospace & Medical , TRUMPF North America

64. Eliana Fu

Average Post Engagement: 52.7



How LinkedIn has helped you in your careers or businesses.:

Built a huge network and helped others find jobs.

What I use Linkedin for:

Communication: events, sharing articles, technical publications

Number of Followers:





Who am I:

Experienced materials scientist with specialty in titanium, recently engaged with 3D Printing. My definition of an engineer is someone who uses science to “make things better”

What I do:

Industry Manager: Aerospace & Medical

Why you should follow me on Linkedin:

I will talk to anyone and everyone about what it means to be an engineer and how you can have a fulfilling career in industry.

Who I follow on Linkedin

Even though he doesn’t have a real Linkedin profile, I follow the postings of Simu Liu, a real life asian role model

Eliana’s Favorite Post

Reactions: 29

Comments: 10

Check out Eliana’s post here

❝This is my favorite Linkedin article and it represents a story about Diversity in Space Exploration.❞

Eliana’s Successful Post

Reactions: 60

Comments: 7

Check out Eliana’s post here

❝Really don’t count my views but this one was popular as it combined my love of titanium with something fun and entertaining❞

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