TOP 100 Aerospace & Aviation Professionals to Follow on LinkedIn 2022: 76. Mariya Tarabanovska

76. Mariya Tarabanovska

Founder of Flight Crowd | Urban Air Mobility (UAM) Advisor | Aerospace Engineer | Product Designer | STEAM Ambassador | ED&I Advocate | Speaker, Flight Crowd

76. Mariya Tarabanovska

MEng Aerospace Engineer / UAM advisor

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United Kingdom

How LinkedIn has helped you in your careers or businesses.:

LinkedIn has been an incredible tool that allowed me to build my network and stay in touch with colleagues and friends regardless of where they are geographically. Everything moves at such a fast pace these days, that it’s often very difficult to keep up with all the developments. For me, LinkedIn is a source of news, for both individuals and the global public. It is also a way to express yourself, show your support and find fantastic people and opportunities.

Tips on how to Thrive on LinkedIn:

The best advice I can probably give anyone is – be yourself on social media! Honesty and integrity are extremely valuable and much appreciated. This will definitely help you build and maintain a better personal brand and will also allow you to stay true to yourself and your values regardless of the content you post.

What I use Linkedin for:

Connecting with like-minded individuals

Number of Followers:



Aviation/Aerospace; specifically – future flight technology, Urban Air Mobility (UAM)


Who am I:

Mariya believes that 21st century Aerospace professionals should aim to shape an accessible, sustainable and safe future of mobility and transportation, and is very excited about the potential benefits that UAM and other future flight technologies will bring to the world.

What I do:

Mariya Tarabanovska is the Co-Founder of Flight Crowd, a global platform for supporting the Urban Air Mobility (UAM) industry, as well as an Aerospace engineer. As a UAM consultant, Mariya focuses on bridging the gap between the industry and the public it wishes to serve through outreach, education, and informative content, as well as bringing critical members within the space together. Her work is critical for the UAM industry to build demand and acceptance of Future Flight technology and plays an important role in paving the way for the industry to scale.

Why you should follow me on Linkedin:

If you are unfamiliar with the Future Flight industry or indeed want to shape this future – we should definitely connect!

Who I follow on Linkedin:

Of course, most of my network are all from Aviation, Aerospace and Future Flight technology industries. I do, however, pride myself in also being a Product Designer, and so I definitely keep in touch with the Creative Arts community! The future of Urban Air Mobility will be shaped by everyone, regardless of their background! Sciences, Engineering, Humanities, Languages, Arts… you name it! I am always trying to keep creative, innovative and ambitious individuals in my surrounding.


Mariya’s Favorite & Successful Post

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❝I shared this post a few years ago upon receiving my Outstanding New STEM Ambassador award. I think many people in my network liked it because I shared a personal story of what inspired me to go into STEM, congratulated ladies with the International Women In Engineering Day and tried encouraging others to take up a career in STEM and indeed do more outreach. It is through personal loss and pain and many difficult lessons that I see myself slowly reaching the heights I never thought I would… But I am forever grateful to my family and those friends and colleagues who keep supporting and being there for me no matter what.❞

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