TOP 100 Aerospace & Aviation Professionals to Follow on LinkedIn 2022: 80. Chris Troyer

80. 🚀Chris Troyer

Space Launch | Joint Mission Integration | Mission Design, Exigo Corporation

80. 🚀Chris Troyer

Average Post Engagement: 40



How LinkedIn has helped you in your careers or businesses:

One word: New opportunities. Once I started using LinkedIn regularly, opportunities and friendships began to open up that otherwise would have never been known. Why? How? It’s quite simple – be authentic, be present, and engage with others! LinkedIn is an unbelievable platform to connect and share with others in both similar and different career fields. I come here to be inspired by others and to learn. At the same time, it’s an opportunity for me to share my experiences that may benefit others. When we connect and collaborate, great things happen!

Tips on how to Thrive on LinkedIn:

How to thrive on LinkedIn? Be YOU! I have no specific algorithm or schedule for posting. And that’s part of being authentic. I post when I feel I have both the time and something important to share. It could be something I’m working on or highlighting the great things that others are doing. A few words of encouragement go a long way!


What I use Linkedin for:

Connecting and learning from other people’s experiences while also sharing my insights in an effort to help others. LinkedIn is unlike any other platform in which we can come together, share, and collaborate. It opens the aperture to new people in the industry that we might not otherwise have an opportunity to interact with. Share. Learn. Create.

Number of Followers:





Who am I:

I am a lifelong space practitioner / integrator with a passion for building collaborative teams to orchestrate successful space missions. I believe strategic planning and contingency ops are fundamental to success and must be designed in at the beginning. To help bring teams together, I create many of today’s mission & program emblems.

What I do:

I launch satellites by day and graphic design by night. In everything I do I am an integrator at heart. For launch that means working with many teams at various levels to ensure everyone is in sync. In sync = on time missions. Translated, it means being a good listener, mentor, psychologist / therapist, marriage counselor, cat herder, sounding board, logistician, and planner. It’s knowing what you need before you ask. Through graphic design, the emblems I design help build culture and unity for those same teams. And….yes, there will definitely be some amazing launch memorabilia involved!

Why you should follow me on Linkedin:

Three reasons to follow me:

1. Art & Design! Be the first to see new space mission patches that I’ve worked on.

2. Space Launch! Stay on top of the latest in launch and tips on improving mission integration!

3. Life is better when we are connected and sharing. If you want authenticity…look no further.

Who I follow on Linkedin

So many great people to follow! Here’s a few that routinely inspire me:
Samson Williams – space economy
James W. Draper – space history
Scott H. Stalker – leadership insights
Anna Shaposhnik – design & engineering the future of space
Phillip J. Clayton – brand & marketing
Dan Manning – story telling & writing
Chang Suh – building culture
James Martin – graphic design insight
Kevin Lavelle – perspectives from a different industry
Daniel Fox – engaging interviews within the space industry
Samson Williams

The hardest part of anyone's overnight success is the first 10 years., UNH Franklin Pierce School of Law

James W. Draper

Travel with me through adventures in time and space! 🚀 Rocket Museum Director | Aerospace History Innovator | Public Historian | Storyteller | All history is local history. Space is closer than you think!, Air Force Space & Missile Museum

Scott Stalker

Command Senior Enlisted Leader at United States Space Command | Active Duty Marine & Senior Advisor to the 4-Star Commander | National Security Expert | Keynote Speaker, United States Marine Corps

Anna Shaposhnik

Graphic Designer for Space | USC IYA | FIRST Robotics | STEAM 🎨🚀, Orbit Fab

Phillip J. Clayton

Brand Design & Development | Brand & Marketing; Design Judge: | Writer | Art & Design | Advertising | Creative Director, PJClayton & Co.

Chris’s Favorite Post

Reactions: 16,506

Comments: 350

Shares: 2,771

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❝Any post that has made me stop and contemplate. There are several. Here’s one by Leadership First. I like it because I can see how my career was shaped over time in both good AND bad times that led to even greater opportunities. Reminders like this are key to keep moving forward and never give up.❞

Chris’s Successful Post

Reactions: 52

Comments: 15

Shares: 2

Check out Chris’s post here

❝For me, my most successful post is the one that caused somebody to pause, inspired them, or helped them in some way. Here’s a post that I think falls in this category. It doesn’t have the most likes or comments of other posts, but I did learn many months later that it had a uniquely positive impact and changed perspectives for some followers.❞

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