TOP 100 Aerospace & Aviation Professionals to Follow on LinkedIn 2022: 83. Ksenia Ozkok (Synkova)

83. Ksenia Ozkok (Synkova)

Founder & CEO at re.gravity I Marketing for space companies | Personal Branding for Space & Tech Leaders I TOP 100 women in Aerospace and Aviation to follow on LinkedIn in 2022, Re.Gravity

83. Ksenia Ozkok (Synkova)

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How LinkedIn has helped you in your careers or businesses:

* Manage online reputation & presence
* Stop being influenced by someone else’s judgment and start openly expressing your thoughts
* Grow my social media presence
* Receive new opportunities
* Collaborate with brands and organizations to help them reach a broader audience
* Share my passion with people of different ages and backgrounds
* Create unique content for my community
* Monetize my passion

Tips on how to Thrive on LinkedIn:

Focus on being you. This is about your authenticity, no need to play pretend and write: “My dear listeners, I would like to share some incredible news! I’m honored and thrilled to become a part of this organization. Together we will build the future!” Such ‘excessive’ posts don’t reflect your true thoughts and emotions. Ask yourself a question beforehand: “What do I feel?”. Is it happiness? Nostalgia? Excitement? Don’t hide your feelings away in big literary volumes, instead uncover them with time.


What I use Linkedin for:

LinkedIn is a useful tool for connecting with new people in different social circles. It helps me to monitor major space-related events that are important for my professional path. To me, LinkedIn is a service allowing to dwell into the stories and activities updates people are willingly sharing on the platform which as well inspire me as a person who is constantly exposed to building and maintaining new connections.

Adding up to that, LinkedIn helps me to bring further and expand my networking skills and attract new customers who could’ve expressed a potential interest in my services.

Number of Followers:





Who am I:

I am the kind of person who is happy to serve and help other people using my top-notch expertise in the field of entrepreneurship. I am an experienced marketing expert and personal mentor who shares her knowledge with talented individuals willing to build their brand and enhance thought leadership in the field of space industry.

What I do:

On LinkedIn, I constantly share useful stories and insights that I neat-pick to be useful for the like-minded people not only from the space industries but other professional circles as well. Information is key, and I am not the one who’d potentially gate-keep tips, business strategies, and brand development instructions for those following and having interest in my personal profile.

Why you should follow me on Linkedin:

Social media is not only about the bright side and beauty filters, at least to me
social media is a tool that helps one track and capture their results, share “raw” snippets of daily life, and preserve the history. My history is all about being honest with myself wherever I go, be it an outdoor gathering or social media.
That is why my followers often see themselves reflected in my LinkedIn posts, which helps them recognize that, despite the challenges we encounter, everything is possible.


Who I follow on Linkedin

If you come across Alina Vizireanu’s profile on LinkedIn, you should consider an immediate follow since she is a source of contact inspiration both for me and women in STEM. She is a STEAM Ambassador who proudly serves the mission of sharing her knowledge and expertise with like-minded people and newbies who share their interest in space and STEM.


❝Following Alina is always fun and exciting because her feed is always loaded with innovative problem-solving posts within organisation goals, business leadership, and space sector updates. I always draw inspiration from her profile, and am genuinely happy to once have found Alina’s profile on LinkedIn.❞

Alina Vizireanu

EdTech Space | Geo data & IT systems management | STEM Ambassador | SGAC Alumni | Unite Portfolio Leader at Women+ in Geospatial, British Cartographic Society

Ksenia’s Favorite Post

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Comments: 8

Shares: 3

Check out Ksenia’s post here

❝Life is a path that surely has its ups and downs. I have found a safe place while writing about my unfulfilled wishes and dreams that were being collected in my bucket list. And as some would say, sharing is caring because sharing manifests your genuine self and openness to other people.❞

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