TOP 100 Aerospace & Aviation Professionals to Follow on LinkedIn 2022: 89. Melanie Prince

89. Melanie Prince

Head of Innovation | | Handcrafted interiors for business jets, yachts and residences, F/LIST

89. Melanie Prince

Average Post Engagement: 33.4



How LinkedIn has helped you in your careers or businesses:

It definitely helped me connect with like-minded people and meaningfully expand my network. It has been an invaluable tool of information, inspiration and motivation.

Tips on how to Thrive on LinkedIn:

Posting authentic content is key. Posting 2-3 per week is probably best, but is secondary to genuinely having something interesting to say. I focus mainly on innovations, insights and the fantastic work our talented team is doing at F/LIST.

What I use Linkedin for:

I use LinkedIn to inform and stay informed. It is also the perfect tool to keep in touch with my network.

Number of Followers:



Aerospace & Aviation


Who am I:

I am fascinated with sustainable innovations on land, at sea, and in the air & space sector.

What I do:

I am the Head of Innovation for F/LIST GmbH.

Why you should follow me on Linkedin:

I am committed to provide meaningful content related to innovations, sustainability and other interesting insights.

Who I follow on Linkedin

Tom Vice – CEO Sierra Space
He is one of the most inspiring individual I have ever met. A role model in leadership, expertise and storytelling.

❝He is one of the most inspiring individual I have ever met. A role model in leadership, expertise and storytelling.❞

Tom Vice

Chief Executive Officer at Sierra Space, Sierra Space

Melanie’s Favorite and Most Successful Post

Reactions: 112

Comments: 28

Shares: 12

Check out Melanie’s post here

❝This is my favorite post, because it was finally time to reveal the F/LIST shapeshifter to the world. It is a significant accomplishment of our extremely talented team.❞

I believe this was my most successful post, since it was the broadest reach in a long time. It was written in the spirit of finally showing the world what our team has accomplished. I believe the message resonated and the content itself is quite impressive.

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