TOP 100 Aerospace & Aviation Professionals to Follow on LinkedIn 2022: 90. Jules Lancee

91. Jules Lancee

Founder of 🚀 | Space Health | Sustainable Aviation | Biomedical Engineer, We Work In Space

91. Jules Lancee

Average Post Engagement: 31.5


The Netherlands

How LinkedIn has helped you in your careers or businesses:

Early on in my career, LinkedIn helped me find interesting articles and leads shared by my network. Later on, I started to write and publish blogs on the platform on topics I was interested about. That helped me connect with like-minded people and to start building a network within the space sector! Nowadays, for it helps spread the word about non-tech space positions opening up to a growing community of people passionate about space!

Tips on how to Thrive on LinkedIn:

When I post on LinkedIn I focus on content that I find interesting or important to share with my network. That often is on topics in innovation, the future of space and aviation, health, and technology. I usually post 2-3 times a week a quality article or a news update about my company. I try to include relevant contacts by tagging them so that their networks learn about it too.

What I use Linkedin for:

 I use LinkedIn for sharing interesting articles with my network, update them on the work I do, and maintain my network in an international space sector. It is important to me to keep up to date with what my connections are doing, get a feel for what is hot right now, and help build connections in the communities I’m engaged in.

Number of Followers:



Aerospace & Aviation


Who am I:

I’m passionate about the future of space! Standing with one leg in the future and one in the now, there are such wonderful literally out-of-this-world things happening in this business and I like to play my part in this.

What I do:

I help connect non-tech talents passionate about space with (new)space companies.

Why you should follow me on Linkedin:

Many of us are fascinated about what is going on in space or wish they were a rocket scientist… Space is more than engineering, however, and needs talent in marketing, business development, design, finance, health and many other disciplines to make space companies flourish. Follow me to find your niche in this industry and help create the future of space.

Who I follow on Linkedin

Michael Sheetz, space reporter at CNBC, often shares the latest on what’s going on at space companies or the governmental programs. He includes fascinating footage that I first see from him in my timeline. Other than persons, I follow the Payload newsletter. They do a marvelous job of space reporting and can recommend everyone to subscribe. (Here’s my subscription invite: ).

I also follow my former director Lucien Engelen for his insights in the transformations going on in health and care.

❝Shares the latest on what’s going on at space companies or the governmental programs. He includes fascinating footage that I first see from him in my timeline.❞

Michael Sheetz

Space Reporter, CNBC

❝Insights in the transformations going on in health and care.❞

Lucien Engelen

CEO @Transform.Health / Strategist health(care) innovation for Deloitte C4E, Vodafone Group and @Laurentius Medical Center / Speaker, TransformHealth

Jules’s Favorite Post

Reactions: 178

Comments: 11

Shares: 17

Check out Jules’s post here

❝I like this brief interview that Remco Timmermans held with me on It got a lot of attention of non-tech space folks that through this video learned about what weworkinspace can do for them!❞

Jules’s Successful Post

Reactions: 157

Comments: 30

Shares: 20

Check out Jules’s post here

❝With this post I launched my company and the weworkinspace platform to the world❞

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