TOP 100 Aerospace & Aviation Professionals to Follow on LinkedIn 2022: 99. Selene Cannelli

99. Selene Cannelli

Archaeobiologist & Rugby athlete, interested in understanding the impact of microorganisms on the environment and evolution | ISU alumna & Analog Astronaut | SGAC NPoC Italy | Space Is For You director, Space Is For You

99. Selene Cannelli

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What I use Linkedin for:

To share my story, research and ideas, as well as to be connected with people and see what is happening around me.

Number of Followers:





Who am I:

An archaeologist working in space and a rugby athlete, reaching for my impossible.

What I do:

I am the managing director of Space Is For You, showing how space benefits life on Earth. I also advocate for space as SGAC National Point of Contact for Italy, connecting the Italian space sector with the young generation and showing them all the possibilities it holds.
As a scientist, I am a visiting scholar at Blue Marble Space Institute of Science, studying the origin of life.

Why you should follow me on Linkedin:

My journey in the space sector has been unusual, starting with my degrees.
If you want to learn how an archaeobiologist can become a science officer for a space company, the journey and challenging, I am one of the right profile to follow. About space, I’ll also be talking about astrobiology.
And if you’d like a break from space, sometimes I also post about rugby and how sports can teach you to become a team member and never give up on your dreams.

Who I follow on Linkedin

Simonetta di Pippo – she’s an expert on space economy and a role model to me. I follow her mostly to keep up to date with news on space economy and events.
Steve Richards: he’s posting about personal branding and this content is useful for me.
The Explorer Club: as I aim to become an explorer, I like to see what other explorers are doing in different fields. This page, and whenever is mentioned, shows me the world of exploration, giving me an idea of what I’ll to do to become a member of the club.

Simonetta di Pippo – she’s an expert on space economy and a role model to me. I follow her mostly to keep up to date with news on space economy and events.

Simonetta Di Pippo

Professor of Practice of Space Economy - Director SEElab, SDA Bocconi

Selene’s Favorite Post

Reactions: 32

Comments: 1

Check out Selene’s post here

❝For the first time, I’ve told publicly that I’ve failed, multiple times. It was actually great to share it, as this was also a reminder for myself that I cannot stop and give up.❞

Selene’s Successful Post

Reactions: 70

Comments: 8

Shares: 2

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❝It is the most successful because of two reasons.

1- I’ve tagged two universities that are followed by a lot of people.

2- I’ve attracted people with my writing style, curious to know what happened next at the summer school.

I know this because I’ve shared my post with my community and this was also their main feedback.❞

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