TOP Men in Aerospace & Aviation to Follow on LinkedIn 2022: 21. Andy O’Shea

21. Andy O'Shea

CEO, The Airline Pilot Club

21. Andy O'Shea FRAeS

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What I use Linkedin for:

Promoting the pursuit of high standards in airline pilot selection and training. Promoting the airline pilot career to a more diverse global population by providing free access to high quality services via the community of student pilots, ATOs and airlines. These free services include psychometric assessments, airline pilot distance learning, access to multiple-monthly webinars and recommendation to certain ATOs that have reached our required quality standard. Raising training standards by providing an ATO quality assurance process which recognizes and encourages ATOs that make the effort to be more than merely compliant with the applicable regulations. Working with EASA in its European Aviation Sustainability Program to develop a more environmentally aware pilot training system.

Number of Followers:





Who am I:

I like helping people. My 45 years in professional aviation (28 in Ryanair – 18 as Head of Training) during which time I have trained over 10,000 newly qualified pilots to become safe and effective airline pilots, gives me a unique platform from which to help the next generation of airline pilots. I have channeled all this experience into (APC) which is a safe place for people to learn about themselves and the airline pilot career. When even one of our 7,522 members gets a job, or makes a good career decision because of our free services, I get enormous satisfaction.

What I do:

I am the CEO of the Airline Pilot Club, described above. I am also the CEO of Aviation Partners and Specialists, a consultancy that works with well known airlines and ATOs. Our principle client is Pegasus Airlines, who we have been working with since February 2020, shortly after a number of safety related incidents. I am also a member of the EASA Aircrew Training Policy Group, a voluntary group that works closely with EASA Safety and Standards directorate. I am currently leader of the ATO and Sustainability sub-group and was Chair of the ATPG for 4 years.

Why you should follow me on Linkedin:

I get a lot of satisfaction from helping people, so if you are looking for honest commentary and advice, I will provide this either through my own LinkedIn account, or through the Airline Pilot Club LinkedIn account. I am approachable and respond to genuine, personal requests for guidance.

Who I follow on Linkedin

I restrict my following activity to people or entities that I know to be expert in their areas. If I was younger, I would use this criteria to research and follow more people and organizations that are genuine in trying to make a positive difference to the area they are active in.

Andy’s Favorite Post

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Comments: 112

Shares: 3

Check out Andy’s post here

❝This post marked the beginning of a new phase of my career at the age of 61 when I left Ryanair and started up two businesses, one of which – The Airline Pilot Club – has been invested in by Boeing. An amazing endorsement for an unprecedented start-up.❞

Andy’s Successful Post

Reactions: 205

Comments: 66

Shares: 10

Check out Andy’s post here

❝This post touched on a key area for me and APC, which is diversity. In this case the topic was inclusion of more people in their 30s and older in the airline pilot career. The response to this brought forward amazing stories of inspiration and dedication from people of every background doing everything in their power to reach their objective of being an airline pilot. I believe that the more recent focus on the ability of people to develop the Pilot Competencies in pilot training and apply them in operations, will open the door for these experienced and capable people.❞

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