TOP Men in Aerospace & Aviation to Follow on LinkedIn 2022: 27. Aaron Burnett

27. Aaron Burnett

CEO & Lead Space Geek, Spaced Ventures

27. Aaron Burnett

Average Post Engagement: 67.5



What I use Linkedin for:

Networking and inspiring professionals to join the space industry.

Number of Followers:



Aerospace & Aviation


Who am I:

My goal is to dramatically speed up humanities movement into the solar system to the point that 1,000,000 humans will live and work off-world within our lifetime.

What I do:

CEO and Founder of, the world’s largest community of space investors.

Why you should follow me on Linkedin:

You should follow me on Linkedin if you want to get excited about the future of humanity and space.

Who I follow on Linkedin

Space News Posts: Michael Sheetz, Ryan Duffy (Payload Space) Space Inspiration: Daniel Fox, Sian Proctor, Out Of This World Design (OOTWD)

Michael Sheetz

Space Reporter, CNBC

Ryan Duffy

Editor @ Payload // Host @ Pathfinder, Payload

Daniel Fox

#SPACEisNATURE, Space Evangelist. Founder of THE FUTURE OF SPACE & SPACE 100.10, Fine Art Photographer, author of FEEL THE WILD, Future of Space

Sian “Leo” Proctor, Ph.D.

SpaceX Inspiration4 Astronaut, 1st Black Woman Spacecraft Pilot; Geoscientist, Artist/Poet, Sci-Comm and Keynote Speaker, STAR HARBOR

Aaron’s Favorite Post

Reactions: 86

Comments: 9

Shares: 2

Check out Aaron’s post here

❝This was a great memory about my trip to Tulsa to see a rocket fuel tank factory. I had a ton of fun and learned a lot about the space industry. I think the personal stories like this resonate as well.❞

Aaron’s Successful Post

Reactions: 86

Comments: 9

Shares: 2

Check out Aaron’s post here

❝I shared about our experience at Space Symposium with space founders who were showing off their technical capabilities to build a lightning gun. I think this was successful because of the personal and fun nature of the content. It’s simply something you don’t see every day.❞

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