TOP Men in Aerospace & Aviation to Follow on LinkedIn 2022: 32. Cran Middlecoat

32. Cran Middlecoat

Inspirational Speaker 🎤 STEM Educator 🚀 Airline Pilot ✈️ Inspiring the aerospace professionals of tomorrow, with curriculum aligned education workshops., It's Rocket Science Adventures

32. Cran Middlecoat

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What I use Linkedin for:

I use the LinkedIn forum to share with the community and other interested parties, a snapshot of this amazing industry that I am proud of and so passionate about. It provides opportunities to showcase the engaging way my team and I encourage young people to believe in themselves. The forum allows me to display how we plant seeds of inspiration in the minds of the aviation/aerospace professionals of tomorrow. Through public speaking, we aim to motivate the community by showing how we support adult learners to find resilience through the challenges life throws at them.

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Aerospace & Aviation


Who am I:

These words don’t even begin to describe the passion I have for the promotion of aviation and aerospace. I’m a third-generation pilot, my sons are the forth-generation. I have been surrounded by aviation my entire life. My career has taken me from flying light aircraft on remote dirt runways in outback Australia, to 200 tone jet airliners through some of busiest international airspace in the world. However, due to brain damage sustained during neurosurgery in 2020, my airline pilot career was cut short. Now it’s time to give back, by feeding the pipeline with a steady stream of enthusiastic young people, motivated to make a positive difference to the industry.

What I do:

I teach STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) theory to school age children using the concepts of aviation and aerospace. I inspire the next generation of aviation/aerospace professionals and am extraordinarily lucky to have them inspire me in return. We guide students through the hands-on process of designing, building and launching a water rocket constructed from recycled and repurposed items (e.g. soft drink bottles, tennis balls and cardboard). The result is a curriculum based, age-appropriate lesson that is not only educational but also a whole heap of fun. Furthermore, to adults I share my passion for aviation and aerospace through motivational speaking. Sharing my journey of overcoming life’s obstacles and assisting others to find their resilience during life’s tough times. If my story helps others, it’s worth sharing.

Why you should follow me on Linkedin:

A wise man once said, you’re not making someone else’s life better, then you’re wasting your time. I love seeing others succeed, particularly young people in the aviation and aerospace industry. I love being a voice to champion for those who may not get a chance to speak themselves. I share these positive stories with my audience, showing them how adversity was overcome, and what others have achieved both great and small. By sharing these stories, I can show what is possible. The stories are inspirational, encouraging, uplifting and provide insight into what can be achieved when one is determined. Through LinkedIn, I aim to make the lives of others better.

Who I follow on Linkedin

Mr Gavin McCormack and UpSchool.


Gavin and I are cut from the same cloth, we are both making a difference to children and young people. Gav puts himself out there, he has visited the slum communities in the developing world to build schools. He is a TED-X speaker, school principal, best selling author, named most influential educator of 2022. Gav and I have worked together on promoting UpSchool.  “Find your magic” is Upschools slogan and aims to build a system of education where all children can participate in meaningful and impactful educational opportunities.


Colonel Nicole Malachowski


Nicole and I share that driving passion for the promotion of aviation. In particular, the promotion of young women in aviation. She has achieved this through her career as a military fighter pilot. And has flown with the elite USAF air display team, The Thunder Birds. Nicole is a great example to women, young and old alike all over the world.


Mr Mark Anderson and Foundation for Indigenous Sustainable Health


Mark and his team from FISH, have a passion to promote good health and education to Indigenous Australians. Like me, Mark loves seeing people succeed, and as such promotes those successes. Mark goes to enormous effort to get health and educational resources to the remote Aboriginal communities across Western Australia.


Mr Scott Buell and Drone Legends


Scott and his team at Drone Legends are absolute power houses in their pursuit to promote drone technology in the education space. Not only physically in the classroom but also through community events and providing online learning resources that teachers can use to deliver themselves.

Cran’s Favorite Post

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❝Ramia and I. It’s difficult to pick a single favorite post. However, my recent post about Ramia Jazdan, a young pilot who has successfully achieved her first solo flight, is definitely up there. I absolutely love that we share a passion for flying, are connected through the Royal Aeronautical Society, we both went to the same school and were even taught by the same teacher. The post highlighted her achievement and showed Ramia the respect and support that she deserves. It further highlighted to her, that in this competitive world there are always people out there that want to see young women succeed in the area that they choose to follow. I am proud that she has received recognition for her achievements.❞

Cran’s Successful Post

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Check out Cran’s post here

❝LinkedIn followers love stories they can relate to, stories that evoke genuine emotion. This post does just that. My passion for the promotion aviation/aerospace and education is what this post speaks of. There are also beautiful words of support from connections on LinkedIn supporting me through the challenges that I’ve personally faced. Those same words give me the encouragement that what I’m doing now, really is making a difference. I feel that the support and encouragement also inspires others who are not bold enough to post their challenges on a public forum. When they see the support, empathy and encouragement from other people then it allows them to speak out or push on eventually leading to their own personal success.❞

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