TOP Men in Aerospace & Aviation to Follow on LinkedIn 2022: 39. Daniel Smith

39. Daniel Smith

Founder at AstroAgency, Director of Space Scotland, GlobalScot, #SpaceSustainability Advisor, AstroAgency

39. Daniel Smith

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What I use Linkedin for:

Sharing company activity to support global commercial space sector

Number of Followers:





Who am I:

I am a non-technical person who has been inspired by the opportunities and benefits of accessing space, leading me to help start four space companies in four years. I am passionate about contributing to a more inclusive, diverse and sustainable space sector and changing the perception of space amongst the public.

What I do:

I lead the world’s largest space focused communications and strategic intelligence firm, AstroAgency. We provide a voice to more than 40 public and private entities involved in the commercial space sector and showcase the benefits of accessing space, particularly via space based assets that provide data, to the environment, economy and society in general.

Why you should follow me on Linkedin:

If you’d like to know more about the innovation happening throughout the space value chain, from miniature satellite manufacture and greener rocket technology to the inspirational ways earth observation data is used to support life on Earth, give me a follow!

Who I follow on Linkedin

My colleague Daria, who fled Ukraine with her mum and 1 year old son but didn’t miss a single team meeting and is a true leader in the UK space sector, despite being only 28


Client employee Andrew, one of the most passionate people working in earth observation and constantly looking for new ways to help solve earth problems using space

Daria F.

Chief Operating Officer, AstroAgency

Andrew Fournet

Innovation Lead & Business Development at ASTROSAT | Member of Space Scotland (SSLC) Environmental Task Force, ASTROSAT

Daniel’s Favorite Post

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Check out Daniel’s post here

❝I still can’t believe that an idea I had at the start of the pandemic to help ‘temporarily’ replace space sector offline events with free regular zoom evening SpaceBar meet ups (for industry networking, updates, STEM outreach, flagging challenges and opportunities) hit its 2 year anniversary a few months ago. The graphic sums it up – two incredible celebrity hosts supporting SpaceBar each session, and that anniversary night welcomed our fourth astronaut, the European Space Agency and the UK Science Minister. A real “pinch yourself” moment for our small start up and we’ve had up to 300 attendees at SpaceBar sessions, it’s still going strong.❞

Daniel’s Favorite Post

Reactions: 152

Comments: 15

Check out Daniel’s post here

❝It may not have the most likes but it is a snapshot of a productive two weeks in the UAE, promoting Scotland’s first Space Strategy on CNN and at ExpoDubai, before supporting clients in the sector to grow their business at the IAC days later.❞

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