TOP Men in Aerospace & Aviation to Follow on LinkedIn 2022: 5. Steven Sheets

5. Steven Sheets

Citizen Astronaut Applicant / Jacobs (TOSC-KSC) Payload & Spacecraft Engineer, Jacobs

5. Steven Sheets

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What I use Linkedin for:

I used LinkedIn for networking and sharing my knowledge. I try to get everyone motivated and those that are likeminded and passionate for the space program to have a place to discuss different aerospace related things.

Number of Followers:



Aerospace & Aviation


Who am I:

I am passionate about the aerospace industry. Ever since I was a kid I was fascinated space and space flight vehicles. Being from Ohio, I used to watch the Space Shuttle fly from TV. When I moved to FL when I was 12 and saw one launch in person I knew I had to some how be apart of this program.

What I do:

I am the Lead Mechanical Design Engineer for the Crew Access Arm on ML1 & ML2. Everything from the truss to the clean room, I’m involved with.

Why you should follow me on Linkedin:

I bring a lot of passion and opportunities to the table. I like to share my knowledge and post almost daily about the Artemis program. I also post about our internships and what it’s like to be an engineer in the aerospace industry.

Who I follow on Linkedin

I like to follow anything that is space related. I follow those that are in the same industry as myself. I also try to connect with anyone that may be helpful in my career goals. Your network is your net worth.


Steven’s Favorite Post

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This is the perfect opportunity to share with the world what it looks like from where my subsystem lives while at the pad. I couldn’t not share the views I get to see on a daily basis.

Steven’s Successful Post

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❝This shows that we work in a multiport space port. It is highly active and a really cool opportunity to take with both the SLS Rocket and Falcon 9 on their respective pads.❞

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