TOP Men in Aerospace & Aviation to Follow on LinkedIn 2022: 53. Sahil Bhatia

53. Sahil Bhatia

Aerospace Engineer | Project Lead: A.N.I.C.E Experiment | SGAC | Outreach @ The Climate Clock Project, ICEE.Space

53. Sahil Bhatia

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What I use Linkedin for:

I use LinkedIn to connect with students, young professionals, and people in the space industry. I usually talk about my activities and experiences from different conferences, sharing research, and to talk about climate change action.

Number of Followers:





Who am I:

I am an aerospace engineer passionate about building a responsible future on Earth through space. For me space is the perfect playground where traditional engineering and sciences are meeting so many diverse fields. This multidisciplinary collaboration and has allowed me to so far explore my curiosities in Earth observation, small satellites, human spaceflight, and space sustainability. A question I have been fascinated by lately is, what does it mean to be human in space? And trying to take in different perspectives, share our stories, arts and cultures can help to shape an inclusive space industry and friendlier world. I try to be curious and have fun 🙂

What I do:

Currently, I lead the A.N.I.C.E Experiment (Astronaut Nutrition in Isolated Confined Extreme environments) which studies the impact of diet in analogue astronaut missions and understands how food and agricultural systems can support long-term space exploration. I am an active part of the Space Generation Advisory Council which promotes students and young professionals in the space industry. I am the outreach coordinator for the Climate Clock Project aiming to reduce climate anxiety through individual and systemic action. Apart from this, I love astrophotography and capturing the wonders of the night sky.

Why you should follow me on Linkedin:

For me the space industry is a platform where anyone can participate and bring their talents, and I think taking in different people’s perspectives and journeys can help better our own. My “mission” at the moment is to help build a future of the space industry that is responsible, sustainable, and centers around the benefit of the global community. As a young professional in the space industry, I think the journey forward will be quite exciting and I would love to share that to inspire and connect with people.

Who I follow on Linkedin

If there was only one person/page I had to recommend, I would say Torsten Kriening and the SpaceWatch Global page for the super high quality space articles and content they have. Apart from this, I follow Ksenia Synkova, Narayan Prasad, Eric Ingram, Mark Wagner, Tien Nguyen, Daniel Botero, Laura Seward Forczyk, and Thi Hien Nguyen to name a few more.


Torsten Kriening

Publisher, SpaceWatch.Global

Sahil’s Favorite Post

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Check out Sahil’s post here

❝My favourite post so far is the announcement of my new project the ANICE Experiment (Astronaut Nutrition in Isolated Confined and Extreme Environments) with the CHILLICE mission. This project started off as a question exploring what would a sustainable food system look like in space. And after a few months and several discussions it slowly morphed into a series of experiments planned with analogue astronaut missions around the world. The present goal of the experiment is to understand the impact of diet on astronaut physiology and psychology. Later down the line we would like to explore how plant based diets can support long duration missions, and see how space agri-tech could benefit Earth. The reason this is my favourite post is because this was the first time I’m leading an international team and it’s a been learning so many new things as this project goes along.❞

Sahil’s Successful Post

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Check out Sahil’s post here

❝My most liked post has been one after participating in the 2022 Space Generation Fusion Forum. I briefly shared my experience with the working group and some of my favourite speakers.❞

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