TOP Men in Aerospace & Aviation to Follow on LinkedIn 2022: 56. Nikolas Blanks

56. Nikolas Blanks

Test Engineer - New Graduate Rotation, Blue Origin

56. Nikolas Blanks

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What I use Linkedin for:

I use LinkedIn to maintain and grow my connections to the Space Industry. I also use LinkedIn to highlight my outreach efforts, STEM advocacy, and journey to become an astronaut.

Number of Followers:





Who am I:

My name is Niko Blanks. I am a 23 year old engineer at Blue Origin and a pediatric cancer survivor. My mission is to help increase spaceflight accessibility so everyone, no matter their background, has the ability to travel to space and experience the overview effect.

What I do:

My full time role is as Test Engineer at Blue Origin. I work on the systems that will make millions of people living and working in space a reality. I am also a space accessibility advocate, analog astronaut, and space nerd. In my free time I started the Cosmic Odyssey scholarship to promote inclusivity and inspire children with pediatric cancer and other disabilities to achieve their dreams. Cosmic Odyssey currently sends pediatric cancer patients / survivors and their families to Space Camp in Huntsville, AL. Seeing the joy these families experience as they train like astronauts is more rewarding than I ever could have imagined.

Why you should follow me on Linkedin:

Follow my LinkedIn to keep up with my journey to bring the beauty and inspiration of space to the pediatric cancer community and beyond. Join me in advocating for spaceflight accessibility. Support my journey to become an astronaut, and help me build a better future in space and on Earth.

Who I follow on Linkedin

Dr. Sian Proctor: Her dedication to bringing art and space together. Tim Bailey: His positivity and “go get em” attitude inspires me to never give up on my dreams. Mac Malkawi: His efforts to bring space exploration to under served students around the world. Tara Sweeney: Her passion for space exploration and outreach. She inspires me to be a better person.

Sian “Leo” Proctor, Ph.D.

SpaceX Inspiration4 Astronaut, 1st Black Woman Spacecraft Pilot; Geoscientist, Artist/Poet, Sci-Comm and Keynote Speaker, STAR HARBOR

Nikolas’ Favorite Post

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❝My favorite post is when I had the honor to share the Casual Space podcast episode that highlights what Cosmic Odyssey is all about. Hear from our campers, families, and the Cosmic Odyssey team as we talk about why Space Camp is a life changing experience.❞

Nikolas’ Successful Post

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Comments: 52

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❝My most successful post was my internship announcement when I accepted an internship with Blue Origin. This was a very special moment and proved to me that my perseverance and drive was taking me to big places.❞

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