TOP Men in Aerospace & Aviation to Follow on LinkedIn 2022: 59. Charles Nzeussi

59. Charles Nzeussi

Master of Space Studies 2022_ International Space University; SGAC NPoC & SGAC-STEA; IAASS; MVA; IAF-launchpad mentorship winner, SES Satellites

59. Charles Nzeussi

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What I use Linkedin for:

Communication with my network of professionals in the space industry and acquisition of information and latest news through the people and pages I follow.

Number of Followers:





Who am I:

I am what I am because of rigorous education, a very modest, strong, and large family, and the memory of my late father who was more than a model. My studies in a denominational college allowed me to understand the need to get involved in social and humanitarian issues. My background as an Environmental and Industrial Risk Engineer gives me a different reading of the evils that undermine vulnerable populations. And Space as I perceive it would allow me to address the most crucial development issues with a more holistic view. My ability to be resilient contributes to the growth of my entrepreneurial spirit that is my strength today. Beyond social entrepreneurship, I see the broad commercial field that would allow me to create a thriving startup that responds to observed shortcomings and allows me to introduce aspects of new technologies still embryonic such as artificial intelligence, big data, robotics, and machine learning. After organizing the Space 237 Scientific essay competition, I became even more concerned about our limitations as a continent when it comes to the space sector. I realize how much space technology can change the socio-economic status of our continent, and how much of a breakthrough it would be, if even more people, especially youths could get active in space issues irrespective of their background.

What I do:

I have a background in Industrial and Environmental Risk management engineering. I worked as a volunteer in international associations, agencies and initiatives to mainstream innovations, but also bring up issues raised in the Humanitarian, Space, Safety and Security and also Environmental sphere to bridge science with policy, industry and civil society. Since 2014, I have been able to contribute with dedication boosted by my sole willingness to be a change agent in non-profit organizations. I occupied multiple positions at Space Generation Advisory Council (SGAC) with great achievements at International Astronautical Federation (IAF), the International Association for the Advancement of Space Safety, Moon Village Association, the African Astronomical Society and the International Space University (ISU). Since 2018 I join the SGAC Space Technology for Earth Application (STEA) project group. I am now the UNESCO IGCP project secretary and served in parallel as NASA’s Scientist for a Day essay contest National Coordinator. These positions sparked the interest for global space issues which resulted in my nomination as one of IAF Launchpad mentorship programme winners. I served as a teaching Associate for the Space Studies Program 2021 in Spain for ISU and I am currently doing the Master of Space Studies at Strasbourg, France. I therefore contributed to publication like Earth’s Eternal Echo and IAC’s papers like “Current and Near-Future State of space Technology for Disaster Situations”;And “Realtime Flood Risk Assessment in developing countries using Social media, Optical and SAR satellite data”. I also contributed to the IPMC Young Professionals Workshop on the topic “Management of Remote Collaboration in the Space Industry”. The various events, training, outreach, professional visits organized and attend as speaker contributed to the promotion of space science, application and technologies in Africa and worldwide.

Why you should follow me on Linkedin:

Because I am easy to access, I am careful about the content I post and I respect my audience. I am a leader in the space industry in Africa and I wish to serve as a belt to boost the space industry and the space ecosystem in Africa and to promote a sustainable and exponential development of the 54 countries of the African continent.

Who I follow on Linkedin

Juan de dalmau: Former president of International Space University as he is particularly dynamic and shares a lot of opportunities on LinkedIn.

Timiebi Aganata: from Arizona State University who has a particularly strong following and addresses a number of key issues

Space in Africa: which is a page driven by Temidayo that shares a lot of good content on space news in Africa.

Juan de Dalmau

Past President, International Space University. Volunteer on call for Space and Earth-related projects., International Space University

Charles’ Favorite Post

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❝It is my favorite because it shows that everything is achieved through effort, self-confidence, determination and hard work. I dreamed big and against all odds I managed to get a background in the space industry in addition to the experience I already had. But more than that it shows the importance of unity because this success is the contribution of people from my network and complete strangers. It is the symbol of what hope and dream is allowed.❞

Charles’ Successful Post

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❝It is the most successful because the person highlighted is an icon in the space industry for his work and achievements. It is also the result of an interaction with the audience and the quality of the visual and allowed a better visualization of the program I was participating in.❞

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