TOP Men in Aerospace & Aviation to Follow on LinkedIn 2022: 63. Lukasz Wilczynski

63. Lukasz Wilczynski

🛰️ Communications and PR for Tech and Innovation | Brand strategy | Connecting the Dots | President at Space Communications Alliance, Space Communications Alliance

63. Lukasz Wilczynski

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What I use Linkedin for:

For networking and getting inspired by the people from my network. I’m also looking for new talents to cooperate with.

Number of Followers:



Aerospace & Aviation


Who am I:

A life observer, creative volcano (as someone said to me once), and change maker. And most of all, I’m a digital humanist who always stands for human in the first place, whatever deep technological path we will undertake to evolve.

What I do:

I’m a PR and Communication professional and Space Enthusiast. And what is impressive is that I connect these two worlds in my daily job. I’m driven by the future and all technologies serving humanity. In my work (I’m the CEO of an award-winning PR agency Planet Partners), I have direct contact with companies that change the world, and this is what gives me a real-life purpose. To be a valuable part of this ecosystem of change. I’m also the originator and founder of the worldwide robotics competition and space conference – European Rover Challenge, where young, creative minds meet, share ideas, and form new partnerships for the future. It’s fantastic to be on this path, sometimes at the very beginning of it, and to guide future engineers and scientists that will work for our planet from Earth and maybe from Out There some day.

Why you should follow me on Linkedin:

As Victor Hugo said once, no force on Earth can stop an idea whose time has come. So, let’s connect our ideas and passions, and work for the greater good of our planet. As every change begins from the first step, and it always starts with the person. So let’s connect.

Who I follow on Linkedin

I always follow people with ideas and exciting statements of their own. I like to read different opinions and create my own. I do follow mostly marketing people (as I am in a constant learning process) and, of course, people from the space sector, without any difference in what position they have right now. As I always say, there is a space for everyone in the space.


Lukasz’s Favorite Post

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❝From my recent posts, I can choose that one. As it is about sharing knowledge and sharing it with the amazing next generation. I always like to speak publicly about space. But not about what we are doing there, what SpaceX rockets will fly, and so on. I love to talk about WHY we are there and what we have from this here, on Earth.❞

Lukasz’s Successful Post

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Check out Lukasz’s post here

❝From my recent posts, I can choose that one. As I received a lot of questions outside LinkedIn about this news. That means that a good post is not that that shows only digital impressions you see on Li. The good one creates an engagement for people to pick up a phone and call, write you in priv or mail you regarding the topic you are communicating.❞

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