TOP Men in Aerospace & Aviation to Follow on LinkedIn 2022: 69. Thomas O’Sullivan

69. Thomas O'Sullivan

Astrobiologist and planetary scientist | Research Intern at Freie Universität Berlin | ISU MSS22 Class Representative, International Space University

69. Thomas O'Sullivan

Average Post Engagement: 24.7



What I use Linkedin for:

Advertising personal and team projects and achievements, connecting and networking with academics and others in the space sector, following and sharing the most relevant space news that aligns with my interests.

Number of Followers:





Who am I:

My passion for space has underpinned the beginning of my academic career. I am passionate about the search for life beyond Earth, and look to inspire and collaborate with others who share my interest.

What I do:

I’m a scientist at heart, researching the chemistry and astrobiology that might allow for extraterrestrial life to exist elsewhere in the Solar System. My time at the International Space University, however, has allowed me to develop competencies across a range of disciplines. This interdisciplinarity inspires me to connect anyone associated with aerospace with the search for life, which is an area covering many different fields.

Why you should follow me on Linkedin:

I share interesting articles on the search for life, as well as my own personal and team work, whilst also communicating news and events related to the International Space University in France – my second home!

Who I follow on Linkedin

I follow the leading universities, researchers, and organisations involved in the search for life. From the Blue Marble Space Science Institute to the leading NASA and ESA leading astrobiologists and planetary scientists, I like to keep up to date with the latest developments.


Thomas’ Favorite Post

Reactions: 57

Comments: 17

Shares: 2

Check out Thomas’ post here

❝This post shares the work that I am most proud of – a study into potential routes for amino acid synthesis on Enceladus, one of Saturn’s moons which we think could be a key candidate in the search for life.  Please, reach out and I’d love to share the full paper with anyone interested!❞

Thomas’ Successful Post

Reactions: 85

Comments: 17

Check out Thomas’ post here

❝My most successful post is the sharing of my graduation from the University of Kent in Canterbury Cathedral earlier this year. I think this is down to the post highlighting both the past and future. I speak about my time at the University of Kent where I graduated online during the pandemic, as well as my future plans to begin a research internship in Berlin, Germany.❞

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