TOP Men in Aerospace & Aviation to Follow on LinkedIn 2022: 78. Rodrigo Carvalho Santiago

Rodrigo Carvalho Santiago

Put 100% of effort where there is 1% of chance., International Institute for Astronautical Sciences (IIAS)

Rodrigo Carvalho Santiago

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What I use Linkedin for:

I recently opened it and I use it for my networking, company updates and to find partners for projects and actions around the world but my main interest on linkedin is to find partners to enable access to space travel and experiments in space.

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Aerospace & Aviation


Who am I:

I am a person with a passion for finding solutions to mankind’s problems through joint efforts between people and the various skills I have developed along the way. I have learned during these years of my professional career that aerospace is by far the sector that presents the most innovations for everyday life on earth. So I put all my effort, even if belatedly, to innovate in this sector.


I believe in the potential and intelligence of all people from all backgrounds. Everyone is capable of achieving extraordinary things in this life regardless of time, because it is never too late to start or restart. And from this premise I understand that the world is so multidisciplinary and connected that I love to cohere everyone for the greater good.


As a scientist I like to instigate people to create solutions and especially to leverage their strengths. The aerospace industry and all its achievements are fruits of the innate creativity of the human being showing his best side: the brighter side.


As a suggestion to follow in the aerospace sector on Linkedin I can affirm that following me is to transform your dreams and ideas into reality independently of the country you live in and the conditions you find yourself in.


A dream dreamt alone is just a dream. The dream you dream together is reality.


My motto:


“Put 100% effort where there is 1% of chance”


What I do:

A professional with experience in several companies and experiments, passionate about space and looking for solutions where technological advances are needed. Computer Scientist and Director for Artificial Intelligence at UoPeople, NMSS-1 Project Leader (National Manned Stratosphere Station Program), Network Engineer with focus on processors and quantum computer networks, Instructor for Metaverse Simulations, Researcher and Astronaut Candidate at IIAS International Institute for Astronautical Sciences, Researcher for Micro-Gravity experiments, Test Pilot at NTPS, Three high altitude flights at the edge of SPACE: CT-155 Hawk , T-38 Talon and F-104 Starfighter (Parabola), Professional PADI diver, Speleologist, Analog Astronaut at Habitat Marte (Brazil), Space Force Association Member, Language translator for companies, Volunteer for several projects that aim to enrich the learning for people who don’t have access to education, Speaker, Business Administrator, Psychologist, Amateur Mechanic.

Why you should follow me on Linkedin:

It is never too late to put your dreams into practice. What in the words of many an idea can be considered crazy or impossible, with my actions they become real and tangible. If you believe that access to space is still very limited, join me, my biggest goal is to be able to make this experience as accessible as possible to everyone, through projects and contacts with professionals. Besides inspiring and dreaming, the intention is that we all share and put all the actions in practice to achieve this common goal. It doesn’t matter what your background is because we all have an innate intelligence inside all of us. Multidisciplinarity and other angles of vision can (in the right hand) bring surprising and accessible results to all.

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Rodrigo’s Favorite Post

Check out Rodrigo’s post here

❝I chose this post because it was the second year I was living in the USA and the year I was accepted into the Possum (now IIAS) program and of all my classmates that graduated with me 2 have already gone to space (Dr. Sian proctor and Katya Echazarreta) 1 has a flight booked (Kellie Girardi) and 5 are on the list of 100 women to follow in aerospace (Shawna Pandya). Sian Proctor and Katya Echazarreta) 1 is scheduled to fly to space (Kellie Girardi) and 5 are on the list of 100 women to follow in aerospace (Shawna Pandya, Aydil Gonzalez, Priyanka D. Rajkakati, Yvette M. Gonzalez, MPH and Dr. Sian Proctor). This photo really reminds me that it is possible to go to space. Simple people with mutual goals and from different backgrounds, having the opportunity to explore a frontier that was previously only accessible to millionaires. Best of all, these wonderful people have a sense of collaboration and humanity that is essential to sharing this experience.❞

Rodrigo’s Successful Post

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Check out Rodrigo’s post here

❝This was my most accessed post because it represented exactly my main goal which is to increase access to space travel for normal people. This was one of the first posts in social networks to promote Katya’s flight as the first Mexican woman to go to space and my friend Victor Hespanha as the second Brazilian to go to space. Both won these tickets for this experience in space through blue origin. It was a clear indication that the accessibility to space travel is increasing and not subject to a minority group with high purchasing power.❞

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