TOP Men in Aerospace & Aviation to Follow on LinkedIn 2022: 83. Tristan Punnett

83. Tristan Punnett

Enthusiastic Storyteller | Empathic Relationship Builder | Trusted Technology Advisor | Proud West Indian, Portside

83. Tristan Punnett

Average Post Engagement: 18



What I use Linkedin for:

A little bit of everything.
Researching jobs for salary / benefits comparison to make sure I’m current.
Humor from some pages.
World news – events.
Connecting with peers in many different aspects.
Looking for the next opportunity when the time is right.
As a platform to share a little bit of my voice and to do a little storytelling.
Track different trends that are forming in business / aviation / tech.
Plus I love to people watch – and how people engage on LinkedIn says a great deal about them and occasionally can be quite amusing or inspiring.


Number of Followers:





Who am I:

I am a very proud West Indian. Nothing from my story is cookie cutter and I love being an odd ball.
I am driven by 3 main things.
– To never stop exploring my curiosity or developing myself
– To leave an enduring positive impact on people, communities and organizations
– To be the most authentic, genuine and compelling storyteller I can be.
My favorite quote is “to strive, to seek, to find
and not to yield”


What I do:

My work is sales, marketing and project management, but what I do is storytelling.
A great story is told after you’ve sat and learned your audience. You learn what worries them, what excites them, and what makes them feel safe. Then, you can take all of your technical experience to weave a narrative that makes the most sense and offers a path to something better.


Why you should follow me on Linkedin:

I am a West Indian that studied psychology in the US, then opened a paintball business before becoming a licensed aircraft dispatcher.
I am a violinist that also rides horses, and we can chat about military history or the best practices to project management.
What is compelling is that no aspect of my experience is cookie cutter (now I’m craving an oatmeal raisin cookie). I have swerved into so many different aspects of life that what I have to share comes from no preset perspective.
Experience with so many dimensions of life gives me a great foundation to challenge & refresh my own opinions as well as helping others to challenge theirs.


Who I follow on Linkedin

I LOVE me some Gary Vaynerchuk. Not only does he serve his wisdom without sugar, he does it in an inspiring way. Sometimes we need a slap to break the illusion, and the guidance to rise above it. He challenges some very basic, but very powerful human limitations that we put on ourselves. If we can break free from our “mental slavery” (as Bob Marley would say) then we gain so much more power, control, satisfaction in our lives.
I also really enjoy Monty Moran. He is one of the first CEOs of a major company that not only is talking about, but seems to have acted on, bringing “Love” to the workplace. The type of love of your fellow person, for their well being and for your combined well being as a team. Not many are willing to discuss or embrace treating people as people as good business practice.
Segway – here is a quote I love from Simon Sinek “customers are people, employees are people. If you don’t understand people than you don’t understand business”.



Tristan’s Favorite Post

Reactions: 82

Comments: 4

Shares: 1

Check out Tristan’s post here

❝This was the first ever VBACE trade show event by NBAA.

It shows quick adaptation within our aviation community but what I love about the post itself was that I was able to be a little goofy and share it on a platform of professionals.

To me, this helped prove that being a professional doesn’t mean you have to be a square (and I was 100% the square back in the day).

Business is about the people, not the outfit. And if I can make a few people laugh, then its a better day for all involved.

Tristan’s Favorite Post

Reactions: 17

Comments: 4

Check out Tristan’s post here

❝This post was not the most successful in terms of engagement, but it it certainly is the most successful for me personally.

I have always loved taking everyday concepts and trying to find new ways of communicating them to bring out a fuller meaning and understanding. To take a thing that some people might grasp instinctively and turn it into something that anyone can connect with and appreciate.

This was the first time I had the courage to be vulnerable and share something I created with the world.

I resist the urge to re-write it all the time. Sometimes you need to see where you began to appreciate where you are.

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