TOP Men in Aerospace & Aviation to Follow on LinkedIn 2022: 84. James Burk

84. James L. Burk

Executive Director, The Mars Society

84. James L. Burk

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What I use Linkedin for:

Sharing news related to human beings exploring Mars, and connecting with supporters of the Mars Society.

Number of Followers:





Who am I:

I am the Executive Director of the Mars Society and one of the founding members of the organization. We are the world’s largest nonprofit organization dedicated to sending humans to Mars, and pioneering the exploration of Mars. It’s been my life’s passion to see human beings walk on the surface of the Red Planet, and I take active steps to get to that near future reality.

What I do:

As Executive Director, I am responsible for our overall program delivery, fundraising activities, organizational infrastructure, and overseeing our chapters around the world.

Why you should follow me on Linkedin:

You should follow me on LinkedIn to get the latest insider news about the movement to send Humans to Mars. This includes updates from SpaceX, NASA, and other organizations around the world.

Who I follow on Linkedin

Dr. Robert Zubrin, the founder of the Mars Society and my boss


Robert Zubirin

President, Pioneer Astronautics

James’s Favorite Post

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This post is an excellent summary of what’s coming when SpaceX’s Starship is available in the next 1-2 years.

James’s Successful Post

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Comments: 5

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Meeting Astronaut Chris Sembroski at a local space community mixer.

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