TOP Men in Aerospace & Aviation to Follow on LinkedIn 2022: 86. Andy Nixon

86. Andy Nixon

President at MRO Insider | NBAA Top 40 Under 40 Recipient, MRO Insider

86. Andy Nixon

Average Post Engagement: 16.7



What I use Linkedin for:

Brand growth and recognition, article writing on various business aviation topics, congratulating others within our industry.

Number of Followers:





Who am I:

I am passionate about the people involved in business aviation and the issues we face as an industry. I enjoy sharing aviation with the younger generations to bring awareness to what we do. I am a transparent person who shares real-life experiences to move our industry forward.

What I do:

I co-founded MRO Insider in 2016, along with my wife, Lindsay. MRO Insider is a web-based platform and mobile app to connect business aircraft operators with service providers when they need maintenance or support away from home. We have over 400 provider locations listed in 25 countries.

Why you should follow me on Linkedin:

I think my followers tune in to watch a startup grow in the business aviation industry. I also receive many notes regarding sobriety and depression, which I am open about within my network of followers. Many of these articles and posts are shared outside my network as well.

Who I follow on Linkedin

I enjoy following company founders in business aviation and watching them grow. Some of these would include Joe Peebles (JP Aerotechnics), Harry Ketchel (Ketchel Air), and anyone who shares photos and posts not directly selling me.


Joe Peebles

Owner, JP Aerotechnics LLC

Harry Ketchel

President , Ketchel Air Inc

Andy’s Favorite Post

Reactions: 58

Comments: 8

Shares: 1

Check out Andy’s post here

This is my favorite post to date, which happens to be an article I published. I enjoyed writing it due to the passion involved but was overwhelmed by private messages and face-to-face chats with folks in the industry who are recently sober or who would like to get sober. It resonated with the “I am not alone” crowd.

Andy’s Favorite Post

Reactions: 78

Comments: 19

Shares: 1

Check out Andy’s post here

I think many of my followers thought it was a cool accomplishment to have our company story published in Flying Magazine, vs the smaller publications in business aviation..

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